’70s Times Square Reincarnated Tonight at Nitehawk

Defined: “mailing it in”

It’s Thursday night, so perfect timing for going out then just mailing it in tomorrow.

Only the weather is grimy. But you’re restless.

So go grimy, in air-conditioned comfort, at 9:30 tonight (8/11) with some Sex and Violence.

Nitehawk did some nerdy research to find out exactly what specific movies were playing when Times Square was dangerous and the theaters were there just to give men some spank bank supply. And here’s tonight’s result of that effort. Continue reading

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Henna Happy Hour at Spritzenhaus Tomorrow (Fri, 8/12)


If you’ve visited any of our last five seasonal markets, you might’ve come across Miss V getting her demons out on our guests by Henna Tattooing them!

We’re not having a Summer Market this year but she’ll be back in Greenpoint tomorrow (Fri, 8/12, 12-5PM) at Spritzenhaus (33 Nassau) with  Mehndi Masters, The Henna Mob. Stop by to get henna’ed, or just to say hi, have a drink and talk art, culture, tradition, and the future of the craft.

Designs start at $5 – Cheaper than Happy Hour Drinks!  Continue reading

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Thursday Spotlight: Ted McGrath

Ted McGrath in his Greenpoint studio
Ted McGrath in his Greenpoint studio

Ted McGrath is originally from the Philadelphia area but has become a Brooklyn fixture over the last decade plus. He has exhibited works at institutions like Cinders Gallery, Calico, and Black Ball Projects and he’s performed music under the moniker The Flag in venues like Death By Audio, Silent Barn, and Shea Stadium to name a few.

You may recognize him from behind the bar at The Diamond though he now works full-time as an art director for MTV, while working nights and weekends in his studio, a small but sunny room in a factory building next to the Pulaski Bridge.

I recently stopped by for a visit to see his latest work, some of which was created for a solo exhibition at Current Space in Baltimore.

"Sphinx", 2014 by Ted McGrath
“Sphinx”, 2016 by Ted McGrath

Greenpointers: You use a large mix of mediums in your work: oil, spray paint, house paint, graphite, crayon… How does your process unfold? Do you give yourself any parameters in regards to your mediums?

Ted McGrath: Parameters, no, not really. I’m primarily trying to set up as many moments of engagement or conflict as possible between myself, the materials, and the surface. Frequently changing up the materials, layering them quickly, trying to get something unexpected happening so that I’m completely focused and totally off balance at all times. A series of planned crises, I’m mopping one up while staging the next. 

"Fantastic Black Police Car", Ted McGrath, 2015, oil, ink, spray paint, house paint, oil stick, graphite on paper,
“Fantastic Black Police Car”, 2015, Ted McGrath

Some of your work is very abstract while some works are iconic and graphic, eg. representations of figures or objects like “Sphynx” or “Fantastic Black Police Car”… What inspires you? Do the more abstract works come from a different area of your imagination than the more figurative works?

It all comes from the same place, definitely, and I think the most successful pieces are those where things get kinda blurry. I work from a constantly expanding sort of lexicon or repertoire of forms and gestures, the ones that really sing are the ones that end up in combinations that are surprising even to me. I’ve lately been a little more excited by the more figurative end of that spectrum, letting more editorial or narrative suggestions in. But that said, it’s like they’re actors, this or that shape or gesture that recurs isn’t always playing the same role or delivering the same lines in every painting. 

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When Desperation Hits: FREE Food & Drinks In North Brooklyn

via giphy

You got a job in Manhattan and live in Brooklyn baby, you ballin’! And then, after a couple birthday dinners you blew all your cash MC Hammer style. When it’s the end of your pay cycle and you’re hard up for skrill but still want to go out, free bar food might be your best option for “dinner”.

After the jump, check out our list of nearby joints serving FREE food, and free or nearly free drinks:
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Ice Cream Meets Design at Davey’s Ice Cream

ice cream sandwich_daveys williamsburg_swallace
Always get the sprinkles. Image: Author’s personal collection of Davey’s Ice Cream photographs

Going into ice cream actually started as a joke for David Yoo. After beginning a career in fashion and advertising, he decided in 2012 that it was time for a change. A few jokes later, he came to the realization that “ice cream is like blank canvas” ready for creative interpretations, and getting into the ice cream business might allow for the real hands-on creative hijinks he was searching for. So he enrolled in the Penn State Ice Cream Short Course, Class of 2013; gave his job a six-month notice; and by Friday, September 13th, Davey’s Ice Cream was open in the East Village. Late last summer, Davey’s brought their ice cream across the river to Bedford Avenue. Continue reading

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Wildcat Cabaret, Band Lotto, SummerScreen – What’s happening, Greenpoint? (8/10–8/16)

ClassicalMusicConcertMcGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance invites you to spend August in McGolrick!​ ​To celebrate the park’s 125 anniversary, the Alliance is hosting​ ​five events, kicking off with​ ​a classical music concert in the Park Pavilion on Thursday, August 11, 2016, at 7 pm. ​A local musical group, t​he Church Park Quintet​,​ will perform works by Haydn, Boccherini and others.​ Please join us tomorrow in McGolrick Park!​ [sponsored]

There are more events in our weekly calendarSubmit Greenpoint events, too!

coloring-club-drink-and-draw-extravaganza-95WEDNESDAY 8/10
* SummerScreen @ McCarren Park, 6pm, FREE, This year’s audience choice selection will be Almost Famous, More info
* Coloring Club Drink & Draw @ New York Distilling Co (79 Richardson St) 7:30pm, $5, An unlimited supply of coloring pages are available, as well as colored pencils, crayons, and markers, plus cocktail specials, Buy tix

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 7.07.54 PMTHURSDAY 8/11
# Kreung Cambodian Pop-Up Dinner @ The Diamond (43 Franklin St) 6pm, FREE, Chef Chakriya Un will be preparing a delectable spread of delights, RSVP
 Classical Music in the Park @ McGolrick Park, 7pm, FREE, A concert by the Park Church Quintet, More info
^ Bad Advice from Bad Women @ Word (126 Franklin St) 7pm, FREE, Emily Books presents Niina Pollari, Ruth Curry, Jade Sharma, Chloe Caldwell, Melissa Gira Grant, and Natasha Stagg, More info

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River Styx Is Closing Sunday – Come Bid Farewell This Weekend!

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Paulie Gee & The Brotherhood of Pizza Entrepreneurs – Part IV: Location, Location, Location

Paulie Gee on Greenpoint Avenue
Paulie Gee on Greenpoint Avenue

This story is presented in five parts, read Part I and Part II and Part III.

Part IV: Location, Location, Location

Besides the potential for press coverage if Paulie Gee opened his pizzeria in New York City, another benefit was the cost of a liquor license: $140,000 for a license in New Jersey versus $505/year for a beer and wine license in New York City. But of course, Paulie would still need investors. “I own 80% of this place,” says Paulie. “But I do have investors. And a friend of mine, one of my oldest friends really, helped me, and he didn’t even know it at the time. He said, ‘Those investors, they’re gonna wanna know that you’re spending 100% of your time thinking about your restaurant and not your day job. But they wouldn’t mind if you took extra salary to make up for that.’ And that kinda opened up my mind on that. I said, ‘I’m gonna do this, this is great.’ And I started looking in Manhattan a little bit…  but Brooklyn was calling me home.”

Continue reading

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When Franklin Roosevelt Campaigned in Greenpoint

Screen shot 2016-05-11 at 4.51.21 PM
McGuinness in the background standing next to FDR.

In 1932 New York State Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt was running for president as the nominee of the Democratic Party. The country had been in the throes of the Great Depression for two years and in these days before the safety net many Greenpointers were actually hungry. Roosevelt’s promise of a New Deal was very appealing to the many struggling locals. In those days New York had the most electoral votes and Roosevelt wanted to make sure he rolled up a huge majority in the city to offset more Republican upstate New York. One of the largest areas of Democratic voters was Greenpoint so Roosevelt came here to campaign. Continue reading

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What’s Next For Bushwick Inlet Park As $100 Mill Offer Expires

The North Brooklyn Community and Elected Officials at the steps of City Hall
The North Brooklyn Community and Elected Officials at the steps of City Hall

“The city can’t just rest on its laurels and say it made an offer,” said State Assemblyman Joe Lentol on the steps of City Hall, where the North Brooklyn community alongside elected officials turned up the heat on an already sweltering summer day for Bushwick Inlet Park. It’s because the $100 million offer that the city made to acquire the last remaining parcel of prospective park land expired yesterday, Monday, August 8.

This puts the future of all 28 acres of open space in a precarious position and Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park is not taking it lying down. With impassioned chants of “Where’s our park?” and a series of speeches by community leaders and elected officials, they demanded that Mayor de Blasio does what it takes to deliver the waterfront park that was promised 11 years ago. Continue reading

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