Gritty, Rapidly Disappearing Cityscapes by Monte Antrim

Monte Atrim’s “Last World Problems”

A talented local artist and designer, Monte Antrim, is displaying his unique images at South 4th Bar & Cafe (90 South 4th St.) in a show titled “Last World Problems.” The installation, which will open on Saturday, December 10th and run through January 5th, differs from other shows he has done in the past. Last World Problems will feature small affordable silkscreens, perfect for holiday gifts, and also several collage and acrylic pieces on plywood panels.

A talented sketch artist with unique designs, Antrim has gained a considerable local reputation for his local scenes, many of which feature gritty, rapidly disappearing cityscapes. His impressive sketches include a wide variety of other scenes, yet each captures something unique. Continue reading

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Your December 2016 Horoscopes Are Gonna Be Amazing

Illustration: Alex Ariza
Illustration: Alex Ariza

December is going to be a lively and upbeat month, as the new moon in Sagittarius will be a positive change, especially fore fire signs. In general, everyone will be feeling the urge to express themselves and break down stereotypes and old-age boundaries. Essentially, this is a month of “breakthroughs,” especially when they involve conventions that are harming more than helping.


Because the Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21, it’s a time to work on your own endeavors instead of putting others first. It’s OK to be a little selfish sometimes. The December 13 Gemini full moon—which is a strong supermoon—will allow you to be introspective and reflective of your life choices. The full moon is also in your partnership zone, which could be great for your personal life and career. This is a good time to have important conversations.

Suggestion: Your book suggestion from WORD Brooklyn (126 Franklin Street): Sean H. Doyle’s “This Must Be the Place” Continue reading

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Bushwick Inlet’s Fascinating History

Sunset at Bushwick Inlet, photo: Jen G Pywell
Sunset at Bushwick Inlet, photo: Jen G Pywell

Bushwick Inlet, the truncated, morose, post-industrial body of water west of Kent Avenue at North 14th Street, hardly seems worthy of the huge controversy for a shoreline park, nor would it appear to have a rich history, but the body of water is both controversial and historic. Although park protests have generated a lot of headlines, few know its history.

There was not always a Bushwick Inlet. The inlet is a relatively recent creation. It was once Bushwick Creek, which was a far longer, deeper and prettier estuary whose headwaters covered much of what is today McCarren Park. A tidal creek, at high tide its waters covered a large area encompassing much of McCarren Park, forming a water boundary between Williamsburg and Greenpoint and beautiful miniature bays. Low tide, though, was a different story as the waters receded they left a stinky slime whose odors offended local noses for generations. Continue reading

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Your Ultimate 2016 Popup Holiday Market Shopping Guide

Greenpointers Holiday Market 2015
Greenpointers Holiday Market 2015

‘Tis the season for buying gifts! So, why not pick up some special treasures that are equally thoughtful and made by small businesses? With loads of sweet holiday markets right on this season’s radar (including ours!), there’s tons of party-ready and memorable treats for you and yours.

From the Greenpointers Holiday Tropical Market (Sunday Dec. 11th!) to Bulletin at the William Vale and Catland, there’s something for everyone. Read on for shopping tips, gift guides, and the full schedule.

Continue reading

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Sunday Snaps – Vinyl Decisions

Here in Greenpoint, we’re pretty lucky to have some seriously great record shops around. For this Sunday Snaps, I decided to drop by four of my favorites and ask employees and owners what recent items had come in that they were especially excited about. The shops I visited included Record Grouch (986 Manhattan Ave.), Academy Records Annex (85 Oak St.), Captured Tracks (195 Calyer St.), and Co-op 87 Records (87 Guernsey St.) Here are some of the albums they showed me, complete with a few pictures of these excellent local record stores!

“One side is live and the other side is the studio versions of all the same songs. I love the great Bauhaus-y cover; there’s rhythm, perspective, movement, a landscape. My favorite song on this album is called ‘Rubber Miro’.” – Ron at Academy Records Annex

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Weekend Music for Cool Kids and Weirdos Too (12/1 – 12/4)

Reverend Horton Heat

Here are some famous acts playing this weekend.

Don’t worry, we also save room in the back for unsung heroes.

The Hold Steady have three sold-out Brooklyn Bowl shows beginning tonight. Additional tickets will be released at 6 PM each night.

Rockabilly’s Reverend Horton Heat is at Warsaw on Saturday and as usual he’s got a full coterie of highly disreputable opening acts, like Unknown Hinson and Nashville Pussy. Tickets are $22 and still available online.

If you joined the Standing Rock protest bandwagon there’s a benefit at Sunnyvale on Saturday at 8 PM and all the bands playing have suitably passive-aggressive names.

Weirdos like me who like classic Latin jazz and folky cabaret somehow find local options around town too. Continue reading

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Holiday Movies In North Brooklyn!

White Christmas

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year—but between self-embarrassment at work parties, getting the XS condoms at the white elephant gift exchange, forced family hangouts, and blowing your paycheck on gifts and flights, you might need a little help getting into the holiday spirit. Luckily, North Brooklyn has an abundance of seasonal flicks to bring you some of that Christmas cheer. And at most of these places, there will be booze. Listings after the jump! Continue reading

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How Much Greenpoint History Do You Know? Take This Quiz!

1851 view of Brooklyn Navy Yard looking north towards Greenpoint
1851 view of Brooklyn Navy Yard looking north towards Greenpoint

Our little neighborhood of Greenpoint has some very rich history, and we’ve posted about a lot of it. But how much do you really know about this small patch of earth you rest your head on? Take our quiz and find out! Answers after the jump (no peeking!).

1) Dirck Volckertszen was the first European to live in Greenpoint. Where was he from?

2) Greenpoint once was called by another name that today is a popular Manhattan Avenue Restaurant. What was the name of that point?

3) There were five ancestral families in Greenpoint that gave their names to streets. Name two of the three.

4) What local group of Native Americans used Greenpoint as their hunting ground and gave their name to a Queens neighborhood?

5) Who is considered the founder of Greenpoint?

6) What American Vice-President once visited Greenpoint on a romantic tryst?

7) What was Greenpoint’s first industry? (Hint: a local hill was named for it).

8) What part of Greeenpoint did the British Army use as a staging area to attack Manhattan during the Revolution?

9) What industry dominated the local waterfront in the 1850’s?

10) What famous ship was built in 1861 on Quay Street?

11) Charles Pratt became rich refining oil. What was his refinery called?

12) A Greenpoint baseball team won the national championship twice? What was the team called?

13) Local boxer Jake Kilrain lost the last bare knuckled heavyweight boxing championship in 1889 to what boxing legend?

14) What Greenpoint-born writer is credited with inventing the modern children’s book?

15) What Hollywood sex symbol was born on Herbert Street?

16) What nickname did Pete McGuinness give Greenpoint?

17) What iconic American statue was cast on India Street?

18) What Greenpointer lost the 1916 presidential election to Woodrow Wilson?

19) What local school is the oldest continually-used public school in New York City?

20) What was Oakland Street renamed?

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The Sounds Celebrate Album’s Ten Year Anniversary at Warsaw

The Sounds at Warsaw 11.25.16
The Sounds at Warsaw 11.25.16

Simply put, Swedish New Wave quintet The Sounds rocked Warsaw (261 Driggs Ave.) last Tuesday night. As their first stop in NYC during their North American tour celebrating the ten year anniversary of their hot sophomore album, Dying to Say This to You, Tuesday’s show may as well have been a stop on the original album release tour, gauging by the energy in the room, from band and audience alike.  Continue reading

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Winter Playlist: Dance Yrself Warm with Co-Op 87

dancing-lady-emoji-fireContinuing our series of local shops compiling some of their favorite jams for us, we have a wintertime playlist to get you hot n’ bothered, from Ben Steidel at local vinyl nook Co-Op 87 Records (87 Guernsey Street).

From Ben:

Here’s a playlist of tunes to help us remember that moving your butt, whether on the dance floor or at your desk, is a great way to stay warm during these dark months. Leaning mostly towards slower & smoother grooves, I tried to pick songs that have passed through the store recently, and that are a mix of the rare & obscure, as well as things that you might score in the $1 bin. I also threw in a few new-ish releases. Hopefully they do the trick of evoking warmer climates or the friction of bodies in motion, preferably both!

Continue reading

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