Dreampop Band Glass Valley Just Blessed Us with a New Video

Screenshots from “When You See Him (Mellow Traveler)”

It’s time for some chill vibes. Williamsburg dreampop band Glass Valley is here to help you get into the groove. If you’re looking for some dreamy-meets-poignant tunes, then check these tunes. Glass Valley’s latest video release for the song, “When You See Him (Mellow Traveler)” serves up a lush, introspective feel. With vintage influences and an eye for keen observation, the video was shot in La Paz, Bolivia with Bolivian actors by director Erix Antoine.
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The Torch Must Be Passed: Allow Me To Introduce Your New Art Editor

Andy P. Smith, Art Editor 2016-2018, at his LCD Soundsystem Sidewalk Dance Party last summer. Photo: Julia Moak

The time has come to pass the torch. It’s been an absolute joy and privilege working as Art Editor at for the last two years. The amount of creativity and artistry and community that I’ve experienced, not just as a fellow resident but as a journalist, has been overwhelming. You guys are the best!

Now, more than ever before, I’m fully convinced that Greenpoint is the most supportive, most artistic community in New York (and resultantly, one could argue the world). But don’t tell anyone!

Jk jk jk you already know! It’s not a secret. Greenpoint’s beloved artistic community only continues to grow in scope and renown and popularity every year.
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Performance, Protest and Greenpoint in Watercolor — Art Roundup 3/15–3/17

Between the Word and the Deed, 1971. via UnionDocs
Between the Word and the Deed, 1971. via UnionDocs

Your weekend of art starts tonight, and North Brooklyn’s got it—historical films, multimedia protest art, ephemeral artwork, watercolors of Greenpoint and feminist fashions. Check it.

What is the Model City?
UnionDocs | 322 Union Ave
Thursday Mar 15, 7:30pm

More info, Free for members, $10 non-members

UnionDocs will be screening the never before seen film from 1971 Between The Word and The Deed, which was commissioned by the city to investigate the experience of community and advocacy planning for the Model Cities effort. The film’s director will be present for a followup discussion along with architect and historian Susanne Schindler, and Rebecca Amato from NYU’s Urban Democracy Lab. Continue reading

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These Gorgeous Watercolors of Greenpoint Bring Grace to Industry

Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, watercolor by Sven Johnson
Watercolor of Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse by Sven Johnson

Who would have thought industrial Greenpoint could look so captivatingly elegant? Greenpoint-based artist Sven Johnson is an architectural illustrator and painter who has been living in the neighborhood since 1992. He’ll be showing his latest work, twelve watercolor paintings of Greenpoint at Oslo Coffee (133 Roebling Street) starting this Friday, March 16th.

Watercolor of Greenpoint water tower, by Sven Johnson
Watercolor of Greenpoint water tower, by Sven Johnson

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Starving Greenpoint Artist Seeking Food Via Craigslist

Starving artist Craiglist

Apparently, times are tough out there for at least one local artist. From the above Craigslist post, it’s a little unclear if he is legitimately starving or is merely seeking inspired companionship; but either way, Greenpointers do not let other Greenpointers go hungry! If he is truly in need of food, we would recommend seeking out the North Brooklyn Angels van. Today from 1230-130pm, they will be posted up across the street from the Williamsburgh Library (240 Division Ave), to hand out 200 hot meals. Tomorrow (Wednesday), the Greenpoint Reformed Church (136 Milton Street) will host their weekly community dinner from 6-7pm, and on Thursdays from 8am-11am they give out groceries from their food pantry. And if that’s not enough, a while back we compiled a roundup of local bars and restaurants that serve up free or super cheap food and drinks. So there are plenty of options to avoid truly going hungry in the ‘hood. Or, our long haired artist may simply be on the hunt for a woman who knows her way around the kitchen, a lady who is happy to simultaneously craft the perfect bechamel sauce for a hearty truffle mac n cheese, chop up a pink lettuce salad and pour him a glass of natural wine. In any case, hopefully this local artist will starve no more! Continue reading

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Armory Week: North Brooklyn Artists and Galleries

Spring is approaching, and you know what that means- it’s Armory Week in New York! In addition to The Armory Show, the other fairs VoltaSPRING/BREAKArt on Paper, NADA, Independent, and SCOPE are happening all around the city. Our team at Greenpointers created a road map highlighting some North Brooklyn artists and galleries that will be exhibiting throughout the week, along with when and where to catch them. Enjoy!

March 6-12: SPRING/BREAK Art Show (4 Times Square)     

Hiba Schahbaz and her The Garden installation, courtesy of Greenpointers
  1. Hiba Schahbaz (Bushwick): The Garden curated by Field Projects; Room 2362; also exhibiting at Art on Paper with Sugarlift; Booth 417

    Carolyn Salas, Caryatid, no. 1, 2018, hydrostone and steel, 10×7 feet, courtesy of Greenpointers
  2. Carolyn Salas and Maureen Cavanaugh (Greenpoint): Here Now curated by Adam Parker Smith; Room 2370
  3. Brian Willmont (Greenpoint): Milk Thieves curated by Alison Sirico; Room 2374, and Human Now curated by Kara Brooks; Room 2319

    Alexandra Fanning and Kawita Vatanajyankur video installation, courtesy of Greenpointers
  4. Kawita Vatanajyankur: Rituals of Otherness curated by Alexandra Fanning (East Williamsburg); Room 2232

    Macon Reed and Helen Toomer, A Pressing Conference, courtesy of Greenpointers
  5. Macon Reed: A Pressing Conference presented by Helen Toomer (Williamsburg); Room 2221; Daily performances will take place at 1pm and 4pm

    Caris Reid and her paintings, part of Crystal Visions, courtesy of Greenpointers
  6. Caris Reid (former Greenpointer): Crystal Visions curated by Sarah Potter; Room 2364/2365
  7. Eric Lee Bowman (Greenpoint): What’s Past Prologue curated by Kristin Sancken; Room 2369

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FREE Massages in Greenpoint This Weekend, Art Roundup 3/9-3/13

Jo Rosenthal at Dusty Rose. Photo via Instagram
Jo Rosenthal installing her work at Dusty Rose. Photo via Instagram

Yes, the Armory Art Show is happening right now—and so is Volta and SCOPE and NADA and Art on Paper and Spring/Break. NYC is on fire with art this weekend, but a ticket for the Armory alone will set you back the wallet busting sum of $47. And last year it was crowded as hell. Good news, North Brooklyn has a handful of FREE art events this weekend (including free massages as an unusual form of performance art, but who cares because it’s a free massage and dammit you DESERVE it) so you can get your culture on without breaking the bank. Continue reading

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Thursday Spotlight: Artist Hein Koh, Wide Eyed

Hein Koh in her Greenpoint studio, courtesy of Ian Hartsoe

It’s hard not to love sculptor Hein Koh and her carefully constructed amorphous spandex sculptures. Nearly twice her height, Hein’s wide eyed and weeping flowers watch over us while we talk. Her Greenpoint studio feels like a remix to a more extensive, and sparkling, Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse set, a reference she immediately identifies with. A mother to twin daughters, Ami and Oni, the brilliant whimsical world Hein has created explores the innocence of childhood, and the melancholy she faces in her inability to return to such virtuous times. Continue reading

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International Artists: Apply for a 1-month Residency in Greenpoint—Deadline is March 16

The rooftop at Mothership. Photo via Mothership
The rooftop at Mothership. Photo via Mothership

Greenpoint’s Mothership NYC is a combined live-work artists’ community and event space for international creative folks across multiple disciplines. Not to mention the formerly industrial building has an amazing rooftop performance space which houses around 30 artists. NOoSPHERE Arts is an artist-run nonprofit that brings art from elsewhere to New York, and they are awarding a free month-long artist residency at Mothership. One selected international artist will live and work at Mothership for a month to produce a creative project and share it with the NYC audience, either indoors or on Mothership’s rooftop stage.

The current deadline to applu is March 16, 2018.
Submission guidelines can be found here.

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This Weekend: Scissors & Clippers, a Badass Portrait Series

Scissors & Clippers

There’s a fantastic event coming your way for Women’s Day, folks. Scissors & Clippers is an art exhibition (with haircuts!) celebrating women-identifying people and gender non-conforming individuals who cut or rock a short haired ‘do. The event is the creation of Kim Goulbourne, the founder of You & Sundry, a barbershop for women and the lgbtq community. Want to know more? Attend? Or, even book a totally striking and totally you haircut? Read more after the jump for event details and some seriously great hair.

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