There are few pleasures in life greater than rounding off the working day with a well- earned beverage at your favorite bar. And when that beverage costs next to nothing, the pleasure is even greater, which is why happy hour is pretty much always the best time of day.

We’ve rounded up a list of practically every happy hour in Greenpoint for you to work through at your leisure. From $2.50 wine at Boulevard Tavern to ‘bottomless champagne’ at Le Gamin, we reckon we’ve got everyone covered!

Key to happiness:
– Extra Happy Value
★ – Food Deals
– Editor’s Picks

Achilles Heel
180 West Street (At Green St.)
Weekdays 4pm-7pm
– $5 drafts
– $8 glass of wine
– $9 cocktail (seasonal classics)
– $12 for 6 oysters

195 Franklin Street (at Green St.)
Weekdays & Sundays 5pm-7pm
– $5 prosecco/cortada margarita/draught beer
– $7 tequila shot and 1/2 pint of beer
– $11 Boquerone & tomato toast with a vermouth & club soda
– $12 Burger and 1/2 pint of beer


159 Greenpoint Avenue (between Leonard St. and Manhattan Ave.)
Weekdays 5pm-7pm
– $5 craft beer pints
– $8 quartinos of organic sangiovese, pinot grigio & prosecco
– Glass of organic sangiovese, pinot grigio or prosecco with olive bowl: $9
– Glass of organic sangiovese, pinot grigio or prosecco with cheese plate: $17
– Craft beer pint & “The Original” pizza fritta: $15

674 Manhattan Avenue (between Norman Ave. and Nassau Ave.)
Daily 5pm-8pm
– $8 house cocktails (+ daily cocktail special is $8 all night)

Berry Park
4 Berry Street (At N.14th st.)
Daily until 5pm
– $5 well cocktails / Warsteiner pilsners / fireball shots

Black Rabbit 
91 Greenpoint Avenue (between Manhattan Ave. and Franklin St.)
Daily 4pm-8pm
– $3 Black Rabbit brew

 Boulevard Tavern
579 Meeker Avenue (between N. Henry St. and Monitor St.)
Daily 4-8pm
– 50% off well drinks and house wines (house wine with discount = $2.50)
– $2 off draught  beer and premium wines
(Late night Happy Hour from 11 pm-1am offers $2 off draughts)

The Brew Inn
914 Manhattan Avenue (between Kent St. and Java St.)
Daily 4pm-7pm
– $2 off NY draught beers
– $1 off wine
– $5 well drinks
– Free ‘Budget Brew’ w/ purchase of Burger or Kielbasa Reuben
– Mondays only: 50 Cent Pierogies w/ regular pint purchase
– Tuesdays only: 50 cent Wings w/ regular pint purchase

Broken Land
105 Franklin Street (between Greenpoint Ave. and Milton St.)
Weekdays 4pm-7pm
– $1 off bottles, cans, wine and well drinks

645 Manhattan Avenue (between Nassau Ave. and Norman Ave.)
Weekdays 4pm-7pm, Weekends 12am-1am
– 2-for-1 Margaritas, well drinks and draughts

El Born
651 Manhattan Avenue (between Nassau Ave. and Norman Ave.)
Daily 5-7pm
– 50% off classic tapas
– $20 pitcher Sangria, Mojito, Margarita
– $12 wine tasting (3 different wines)
– 2-for-1 Spanish beer
– Tuesdays only (all night): $19 Paella + glass of wine
– Thursdays only (past 8pm): 2-for-1 gin & tonic

Weekend brunch (Sat & Sun Noon-4pm)
– $15 unlimited sangria

560 Manhattan Avenue (at Driggs Ave.)
Monday 4pm-close & Tuesday-Sunday 4pm-7pm
-50% off draughts and well drinks
-$5 Frozen Harrisons (a fun tequila-based frozen cocktail)

Greenpoint Heights
278 Nassau Avenue (between Morgan Ave. and Hausman St.)
Daily 4pm-8pm
– $4 well drinks
– $2 off draught  beer
– $5 Bloody Marys
– $6 GPH lemonade
– 50¢ wings
– Monday only – $9 burgers all day
– Tuesday only – $2 Tecate and Highlife all day
– Thursday only – $3 tacos

The Habitat
988 Manhattan Avenue (between India St. and Huron St.)
Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm
-$4 selected draughts
-$3 well drinks
-$2 off sangria
-$5 Mac and cheese on MONDAYS ONLY

 Irene’s Bar
623 Manhattan Avenue (Corner of Nassau Ave.)
No set Happy Hour, just cheap drinks ALL the time. God bless Irene’s.
– $1 Jello Shots
– $3 PBR
– $5 16oz Tyskie/Zywiec
– $6 PBR & whiskey shot

Keg and Lantern 
97 Nassau Avenue (between  Manhattan Ave. and McGuinness Ave.)
Weekdays 11am-7pm
– $2 off draught beer
– $4 wine / well drinks
– $3 Bud & Coors Bottles

Daily deals:
– Monday & Wednesday 2pm-10pm: 50c Wings
– Tuesday 2pm-10pm: $12 Angus Burger & Keg Brew
– Friday all day: $4 Irish Car Bombs

Lake Street 
706 Manhattan Avenue (between Norman Ave. and Meserole Ave.)
Weekdays 4pm-8pm
-$2 off well drinks and draught beers

 Le Gamin
108 Franklin Street (at Noble St.)
Sunday-Thursday 4pm-7pm
– $25 for an all you can drink ‘bottomless glass’ !! (As yet untested but they say this includes any drink that tickles your fancy, be it champagne, cocktails, cognac, coffee…) As part of this deal you also get 50% off all crepes!

Lobster Joint
1073 Manhattan Avenue (between Dupont St. and Eagle St.)
Weekdays 4pm-7pm
– $4 draught beer / $16 beer pitchers
– $6 house cocktails / $24 cocktail pitchers
– $1 oysters
– $4 sliders (Lobster/Crab Cake/Fried Oyster)

Manhattan Inn
632 Manhattan Avenue  (between Nassau Ave. and Norman Ave.)
Weekdays 5pm-8pm
– $3 draught  of the night
– $5 well drinks
– $6 featured cocktail

Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Avenue (at Driggs Ave.)
Weekdays 3pm-8pm / Tuesdays 3pm-2am / Weekends 5pm-8pm
– 2-for-1 Select draughts and well drinks
– 50¢ Wings (weekdays 3pm-6pm / Sundays 5-8pm only)

★ No 7 North
931 Manhattan Avenue (between Kent St. & Java St.)
Weekdays 4pm-7pm & Sunday to Thursday Midnight-1AM (Closed Tuesdays)
– $3 draft beers
– $6 all wine/well cocktails
– $4 Broccoli Tacos/ $5 Bo Dog /$6 General Tso’s Chicken Strips

No Name 
597 Manhattan Avenue (between Driggs Ave. and Nassau Ave.)
Daily until 9pm
-$2 off draughts

Northern Territory
12 Franklin Street (at Meserole Ave.)
Weekdays until 7pm
– $3 Fosters draughts

 Park Luncheonette
332 Driggs Avenue (at Lorimer St.)
Weekdays 3pm-7pm & 10pm-12am
– $1 off wine and draught beer
– $15 for a 12-inch pizza and draught beer
– $15 for a burger and beer
– Tuesdays only (all night): $40 pie for two and bottle of house wine

139 Nassau Avenue (at McGuinness Ave.)
Tues-Fri 12pm-7pm & 10pm-12am, Sat 11pm-1am, Sun 9pm-11pm
– $3 bottles Bud/Bud Light
– $4 select draughts
– $5 well drinks/wine
– $6 for 3 sliders (pulled pork, bbq chicken, fried oyster or short rib)
– $4 churrasco empanadas / spicy yucca fries

113 Franklin Street (between Kent St and Greenpoint Ave.)
Weekdays 5pm-8pm, Weekends 3pm-6pm
– $7 Old Fashioned/ Sazerac
– $5 pint/glass of wine

Shayz Lounge 
130 Franklin Street (between Milton St. and Greenpoint Ave.)
Daily until 9pm
-$3 Bud/Bud Light/Miller Light
-$4 well drinks
-$5 house wine

224 Franklin Street (at Green Street)
Weekdays 4pm-7pm
– $4 draft beers/house liquor

The Diamond
43 Franklin Street (at Calyer St.)
Weekdays 5pm-7pm
– $3 Otter Creek Bottled Beer
– $4 Sly Fox Draught Beer
– $5 house wine

1011 Manhattan Avenue (between Huron St. and Green St.)
Daily 4pm-8pm
– $4 draught beers (except Duval which is $6)
– $5 glass of house wine / $8 for a quartino
– $5 well cocktails
(Also every other Tuesday is Ladies’ Night, with 1/2 price bottles of wine all evening. Next one is on May 12th.)

So there you have it Greenpointers. A stonking great list of enough local happy hours to keep you drinking on the cheap to infinity and beyond. But if we’ve missed off any good’uns  be sure to let us know!

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  1. Park Luncheonette may not have the media power behind it (*cough* Paulie Gee’s), but its pizza is excellent. Service is damn good too.

  2. I was raised in Greenpoint {Public School 31} in the 50’s and 60’s. Those were the good old days with acapela at street corners and everybody just joining in. Now with eateries and drinking parlors everywhere it’s a free-for-all. No reason to not go out and blend with the neighborhood. Hope to visit again (from Orlando Florida) and join up with some “old” friends Manhattan Ave “Sinners”.

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