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Boulevard Tavern to Close its Doors for the Final Time this Weekend

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Sad news: Boulevard Tavern will be pulling its final pint this weekend, after 10 years of serving the neighborhood.

Owner Harold Kramer and his wife Ria started running the bar in 2005.  They reclaimed the name ‘Boulevard Tavern’ after discovering the signage underneath that of J&D’s, the bar that closed on the same site in the early 2000s.

Tragically, Ria lost her battle with cancer three years ago, and Harold has been struggling to manage the bar alone. Among the reasons he cites for closing, he says “it’s tough being a small business in NYC right now”.  Continue reading

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The 2015 Greenpoint Happy Hour Guide – 30 Places to Drink on the Cheap (and Cheerful)

Happy_Hour_greenpoint_rosie_de_belgeonneThere are few pleasures in life greater than rounding off the working day with a well- earned beverage at your favorite bar. And when that beverage costs next to nothing, the pleasure is even greater, which is why happy hour is pretty much always the best time of day.

We’ve rounded up a list of practically every happy hour in Greenpoint for you to work through at your leisure. From $2.50 wine at Boulevard Tavern to ‘bottomless champagne’ at Le Gamin, we reckon we’ve got everyone covered!

Key to happiness:
☺ – Extra Happy Value
★ – Food Deals
♥ – Editor’s Picks

Achilles Heel
180 West Street (At Green St.)
Weekdays 4pm-7pm
– $5 drafts
– $8 glass of wine
– $9 cocktail (seasonal classics)
– $12 for 6 oysters

★♥ Alameda
195 Franklin Street (at Green St.)
Weekdays & Sundays 5pm-7pm
– $5 prosecco/cortada margarita/draught beer
– $7 tequila shot and 1/2 pint of beer
– $11 Boquerone & tomato toast with a vermouth & club soda
– $12 Burger and 1/2 pint of beer

159 Greenpoint Avenue (between Leonard St. and Manhattan Ave.)
Weekdays 5pm-7pm
– $5 craft beer pints
– $8 quartinos of organic sangiovese, pinot grigio & prosecco
– Glass of organic sangiovese, pinot grigio or prosecco with olive bowl: $9
– Glass of organic sangiovese, pinot grigio or prosecco with cheese plate: $17
– Craft beer pint & “The Original” pizza fritta: $15

674 Manhattan Avenue (between Norman Ave. and Nassau Ave.)
Daily 5pm-8pm
– $8 house cocktails (+ daily cocktail special is $8 all night) Continue reading

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Super Bowl Sunday in Greenpoint: Where to Celebrate and Where to Steer Clear

Did someone say Super Bowl Party? (Image courtesy of

So it turns out that there is some kind of massive sports game going on this weekend. Yep, according to the internet, Sunday’s Super Bowl will see the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks in an epic battle to become the, um, winners.

Katy Perry will be chipping in with some half time entertainment, in a performance that show director Hamish Hamilton describes as ‘a triumph of bringing lots of people, technology, ideas, creative, scientific and logical minds together’. With any luck this amazing melting pot will result in a solution for world peace…but failing that let’s hope Perry’s outfit at least trends on twitter for a few minutes.

Here’s our round up of where to go in Greenpoint to watch the game…as well as some places you can definitely avoid it…


Warsaw (261 Driggs Avenue at Eckford))
The Polish National Home is throwing an Epic Super Bowl Party, with three giant cinema screens, and stadium sound from their ‘gagillion watt’ rock concert PA.
They’ll be serving up a banquet of pierogies, vodka shots, beer towers, wings, spicy kielbasa, paprika relish hoagies,  smothered nachos and savory chili. Tables should be booked in advance here.

Riverstyx (21 Greenpoint Avenue)
The folks at Riverstyx are pulling out all the stops for the occasion and bringing in smoke machines, lasers and LED lights, as well as two big screen TV screens. Cocktails will be served in trophies, alongside buckets of beer. Meanwhile their ‘Game Day’ menu ($6-$12) will include Nachos, Sliders, Jalapeno Poppers, Chicken Fingers, Buffalo Wings, Pizza Shooters, as well as regional specialties representative of the competing teams’ hometowns. Continue reading

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The Great Greenpoint Dive Crawl 2014

Fancy bars and restaurants with all sorts of sexy food and drink (Tørst, Beloved, Nights and Weekends) are all over Greenpoint these days, but let’s face it – sometimes you just want get hammered on a budget, pay homage to the neighborhood’s longtime establishments, or just check out something different and new (or old). Greenpoint definitely has no shortage of dive bars, but where to begin?

This weekend I hung out in some of these dives (a.k.a. “old man” bars) in the neighborhood and got to know them and their clientele a little better. I scoped out the drink specials, watched Jeopardy with the regulars, and relaxed in some sweet backyards. And now I present to you, along with my little rating system, some of the neighborhood’s best kept secrets:

Irene’s Pub (623 Manhattan Ave)

Irene's Pub

Despite being so centrally located, Irene’s is somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps most Greenpointers are unfamiliar with the bar’s philosophy:”it’s happy hour all the time,” which I verified as TRUTH. Irene’s prices are actually equivalent to happy hour deals, all the time – we’re talking $2 drafts and dirt-cheap mixed drinks. I repeat: all day and night long. Continue reading

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NYE @ Boulevard Tavern: Party in your own backyard Greenpointers!

Are you thinking it is too cold to leave the hood for this NYE? Did you not make any plans but now want to do something fun (that’s me!)? The good people at Boulevard Tavern (579 Meeker Ave) have you covered!

Ring in 2013 with good friends and great fun. Boulevard Tavern’s New Years Bash is always a blast and the biggest bang for your New Years Eve buck!

No Cover: Free champaigne, free munchies, DJ Spaz, ball drop on the bigsceen! Hat and noise makers too!


Sponsored Post Courtesy of: Boulevard Tavern

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Greenpoint Heights, Onyx

<a href=””><img src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”225″ height=”300″ /></a> The first time I entered the newly-managed Onyx on Morgan &amp; Nassau in Greenpoint, I heard one of the barkeeps refer to the neighborhood as Greenpoint Heights. I thought this rather fine, since the term North Brooklyn includes northern portions of Williamsburg, and we up here surrounded by Newtown Creek on two sides, the BQE to the south and the treacherous McGuinness Avenue to the west, we are in our own special paradise so many dozens of blocks from the trains. Out here where “Greenpoint” does not mean the Nassau &amp; Greenpoint stops on the G – or only by proxy. (Someone on Yelp referred to the area as Greenpoint SewTrePla – meaning the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, which moniker is less than wonderful.)

When we (me and my various roommates) moved to Greenpoint in 2004, we came from 156th Street in Washington Heights – and our neighborhood bar was on 80th. In Greenpoint we found a fine bar at the end of the block, at Nassau and Morgan avenues: Lyric Lounge. We patronized the place as often as our pockets allowed, but it closed within the year anyway. We were forced to Twisted, and after their demise, to Boulevard, an outpost of a watering hole beneath the crashing rushes of the BQE on Meeker Avenue.

When Lyric Lounge reopened, it was 2006, and it was called Onyx. Instead of rock and roll and some dart-boards, it was a techno-playing Polish-oriented club. And it was an appropriate place for such an establishment, really.

In early 2010 Onyx closed. In Spring 2011 it reopened under the same name (why?) but new management. Back came the rock n roll (whole albums, even) and a place to sit outside with a drink and smoke.

<a href=””><img src=”×225.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”225″ /></a>The menu is surprisingly good – surprising I guess because of the ruggedness of the environs. (Boulevard’s menu, in contrast, is culled from a grill crammed into a corner in the back outside-area of the place.) Friends and I have tried Onyx’s grass-fed burgers, chicken sandwiches, mac n cheese, etc. Beers, wines, liquors. No complaints.

Given that the place is the only bar in the area (not including Connie O’s), that they have a backyard, that their happy hour includes $2 High Life, and that the burgers don’t make me feel funky, I will go here as often as they stay open.

And if we’re going to be particular enough to adopt a new handle, please, let’s go with Greenpoint Heights. Not Greenpoint SewTrePla. The mush of its pronunciation is horrible reason enough.

<span style=”color: #ff6600;”><strong>Update by Justine 8.9.11</strong></span>: I knew I spotted that Greenpoint Heights term used before – back in 2007 on <a href=””>Curbed</a> someone used it and since then <a href=”″>it pops up on the blogs every so often</a>.

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Greenpoint Goodness

I received the following email from Nicole of Greenpoint and it just warms my heart to see all of the local charitable things going on around the hood this season. There’s the Toy Drive at Boulevard Tavern and at The Diamond from Sat, 12/1-Tues 12/18 they’re doing a Coat Drive/Canned Food Drive raffle where even 3rd place gets you a $50 bar tab!

We have created a NY Cares Coat Drive drop-off at the Church of the Ascension in Greenpoint to make an easy nearby drop-spot for people who wish to donate coats to this good cause. It involves nothing more than people bringing by gently-used coats and they get a tax write-off and everyone feels good and people who need coats get them.

Drop offs can be made at the Java Street entrance to Ascension Hall during the following times:

SUNDAYS: 11:00am – 1:00pm
TUESDAYS: 4:30pm – 7:30pm
WEDNESDAYS: 4:30pm – 7:30pm
SATURDAYS: 10:00am – 12:30pm

For more info go to

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Boulevard of Broken Birthdays

It’s 1996 and my surprise 21st birthday party is being thrown by my Dad at Teddy’s. My Dad and his best friend who’s like an uncle to me have been hanging there since Partners closed. It was a great party. Afterwards, a few of us went to JD’s on Meeker, which is now Boulevard Tavern.

That night one of the most horrific things my eyes had ever seen happened. I went into the ladies room to find my overweight and seriously unfortunate looking ex-roommate bent over the sink with my uncle’s tongue in her mouth. To this day the abuse he received from my father and I is nothing shy of torturous. It’s a small price for him to pay considering I have that vile picture in my head that will just never leave.

And damn them both for causing me to never enter JD’s or now The Boulevard Tavern because of their shenanigans.

But that should not affect you, dear reader, from enjoying the fact that their kitchen is now open and open late. And they’re also doing a toy drive.

Boulevard Tavern on MySpace

Boulevard Tavern’s MySpace Group

Boulevard Tavern’s Yahoo Group

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