Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

I sincerely hope this holiday season has treated you well. And it’s not over yet, with New Year’s Eve still hanging in the air. After a break last week, we’re now looking back at the last two weeks in all things North Brooklyn.

Withdrawal fees on ATMs might constitute thievery, but in an ironic twist, thieves stole an entire ATM from a local coffee shop.

We brought you a story from THE CITY about the ongoing UMEC strike in northern Greenpoint.

Glizzy’s, a new joint in Williamsburg, is modernizing the hot dog. Chef Bao Bao from Greenpoint’s Baoburg restaurant just won $10,000 on Chopped. A new supermarket will open on West Street next week.


Heating and cooking gas issues at a luxury building in Greenpoint might have reached a breaking point for residents. The MTA announced that the G-train would get millions of dollars to bring its signal system out of the Great Depression era.

It’s a holiday miracle — McGolrick Park is now fully renovated! Speaking of comebacks, the iconic Domino Sugar Factory sign made a bright and shiny return after a nearly decade-long absence.

We got the scoop on the new restaurant opening in the old Biba space next year. Another new restaurant? Rosette at Brooklyn Winery is set to debut soon.

We have plenty of ideas for things to do this weekend, both New Year’s Eve-related, and otherwise. Get some design inspiration with this latest apartment tour.

Lastly, we rounded up some of the biggest stories that got the whole neighborhood talking in 2022. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Can’t wait to see what kinds of crazy shenanigans Greenpointers will get up to in 2023 😉

In and around North Brooklyn

A local family’s Hanukkah celebration was featured in a Nordstrom campaign advertised on the MTA.

People keep writing about Greenpoint high rises, so we keep sharing things about Greenpoint high rises.

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