Domino Sugar Factory, once allegedly the world’s largest sugar refinery before falling into disrepair in 2004, long existed in the Brooklyn firmament as an architectural icon, thanks in part to the sign proudly proclaiming the brand’s logo. Now that sign finally returned to its former glory, lit up last night, December 20, for the first time since 2014.

“The two-word sign was designed to look as familiar as ever, but it is an LED replica, not the original neon sign that for more than 80 years was a fixture of a huge sugar refinery — by some accounts, the largest refinery in the world in its heyday,” reported The New York Times in November. Unsurprisingly for a 21st-century iteration, the new sign is brighter and more energy-efficient than its predecessor.

An ongoing renovation process will turn the site into a mixed-use retail and office space, and Two Trees Management recently told Greenpointers that they expect to finish the project within the next calendar year.

A rendering of the penthouse space on the new Two Trees Management project

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  1. Wonderful now if the Brooklyn Academy of Music can restore the turning BAM letters on Flatbush it would be perfect

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