We are the best neighborhood but sometimes shit happens. Here is the worst of Greenpoint 2013 in no particular order. We are saving the best for last of course so don’t get all down in the dumps because 2013 did rule.

• HOMELESS FAIL. After a meeting at Greenpoint Church with angry residents opposed to the homeless respite and those in support, it moved to Ascension Church. After closing for the warm weather, it did not reopen this winter and a man died in McGolrick Park. Then this woman got KICKED by a homeless man on Manhattan Ave.

Not GIRLS - Scenes from The Greenpoint Hotel

And let’s not forget the walk-thru at the Greenpoint Hotel.

• HOLIDAY FAIL. First there is NO HALLOWEEN at this elementary school, then local biz orgs can’t get their shit together in enough time to make EVERYONE happy, so no one enjoys holiday lights on Manhattan Ave.

Wouldn't you steal this dog? I would.

PETS FAIL. People leave cute stealable dogs tied outside while grocery shopping, big dog attacks little dog with zero punishment for attack dog owner. RIP ARLO.

Greenpoint Landing = Waterfront Nightmare

• WATERFRONT FAIL. Greenpoint Landing‘s promise of a “new community” by Bloomberg, 77 Commercial St. rises to 30-40 stories for “affordable” housing and an already failed park promise, plus feeling like our local politicians really don’t give a shit about what we have to say despite letting them ramble on and on made the waterfront developments a shit show nightmare this year.

• WINNING FAILURE – Greenpoint had the MOST complaints for public drinking and public urination. Don’t judge…

Goodbye Morris the Manger Cat

Morris the Manger Cat Died

• MORE SAD NEWS. We lost a motorcyclist on Manhattan Ave and a bicyclist on Meeker Ave + there was a hit and run on Franklin St and Greenpoint Ave.

Java St Rape Suspect Sketch

• Horrifying Crimes.  Rape on Java St + sexual assault spree + pistol whipping + peeping Tom returns to Humboldt St + lots of businesses robbed + possible hassidic on black hate crime so we looked at Crime Stats.

Pepsi is a tree killer and massage parlor is a prostitution den.

• WORST BLUNDERwe reported someone was dead – who was really alive. Shame but at least it’s actually good news (wrapped in super crappy reporting).

G Train Service to LIC Suspended Many Weekends in 2013

• TRANSPORTATION FAILS. Man pees on tracks at Broadway and diesG Train weekend interruptions sucked, so did this bus.

SAD SAD NEWS. Colin Devlin, owner of Dumont, committed suicide and murder-suicide in Williamsburg.

• JUST BULLSHIT. Punks in McGorlick Park vandalize, set fires and mess with dogs… Kids these days.

5 Pointz in LIC White Washed Overnight

• FAIL LIC. RIP 5 Pointz.

Skinheads are thriving in Greenpoint.

Happy 2014!

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