77 Commercial Street Update

As expected, Council Member Stephen Levin voted to approve the proposed development at 77 Commercial St yesterday (12/19) . That means that the city can officially sell the “air rights” of 65 Commercial St to the developers to build higher towers at 77 Commercial.

The good news is that, as a result, 65 Commercial St will become Box Street Park, which will be open to the public. It is currently an MTA parking lot. The construction will be funded by the city at $9.5 million. In addition, the developer will provide land for a landscaped walkway to enter the park from the East.

The towers at 77 Commerical Street will include 200 units of affordable housing. However, the affordable units will be located in the lower floors of the building, because the upper units will have a higher market value. The lobby and amenities will be shared between affordable and regular tenants.

“I have heard from many Greenpointers expressing their opposition to the height and density of project,” Levin said in a press statement. “But the open space and affordable housing needs of our community that have persisted for years also go without question.”

We’ll have more updates soon! Feel free to post your questions/comments below. We know all too well that this development and land use information can be extremely confusing/frustrating.