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Via DNAinfo:

“Operators of the parlor, known as Health Center Massage Therapy or Oasis Spa at 223 Calyer St., were charged Monday with sex trafficking, promoting prostitution and forging business records, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office announced.”

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  1. Wow. This is on my corner and I’ve always wondered what the deal with that place, as it was supposed to be some sort of beauty salon but never seemed to have any business…

  2. I KNEW IT!! I’ve lived across the street for a year and always wondered why the “open” sign was lit up until 5am and turned off during the day. Shady characters always going in and out.

  3. There are far too many unlicensed massage places in Greenpoint. On a walk down Manhattan Ave from Driggs to Norman, you’ll notice half a dozen! These unlicensed massage studios are unhygienic, and potentially dangerous if you suffer from any health condition. At best, you might recieve inconsistent work. At worst, an unlicensed person could seriously injure you. Massage without a license is a Felony in the state of NY. It is shameful that so many of these businesses are allowed to exist in the open in Greenpoint.

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