Manhattan Ave Holiday Lights 2010 © Greenpointers

A reader wrote in: “I was wondering if you knew why there aren’t any holiday lights up on Manhattan Ave this year?”

Just one of many Greenpointers saddened by the absence of those big bright beautiful snowflakes. We’re having a 20+ comment deep discussion on our Facebook page about it and as we suspected, it’s likely the fault of the dirty hipsters!

A reader wrote: “These hipster places opening do not want to contribute as Mommy & Daddy only sent enough to cover their rent.”

Another: “So sad. All the new yuppies places should chip in. They got it! Selling $300 pairs of shoes by Greenpoint Ave.”

Can we stop using the term yuppies? It’s so 1985. But we do need to blame somebody!

Curbed is saying Christmas is canceled, but fear NOT there are plenty of Neon Zywiec & Pabst beer signs to light your way to jello shots (even in the morning) at Irene's on Manhattan Ave.

DNAinfo explained what really is going on, which works out to no organization and no money, “local officials were unable to raise the necessary money for the seasonal ornaments.” And those lights cost $20,000!

One reader suggested, “They should have started a Kickstarter campaign like what was done to save the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Kickstarter’s HQ is even in Greenpoint.”

Who is this “they”?

Someone, usually a Business Improvement District (BID) steps up, but the previous Greenpoint Business Alliance folded and the newly formed Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce, run by Jeff Mann of the Greenpoint Gazette said they didn’t have enough lead time this year, but left off with, “I hope we can in the future.”

This is about organizing and chipping in. Let’s hope we can all get our acts together for next year! The lights don’t just hang themselves.

In the meantime, enjoy this video we made last year that shows those snowflakes in all their glory and other choice lighting along Manhattan Ave – all to sublime sounds of Sonic Youth.

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  1. My husband and I were talking about this today and why there weren’t more fundraising efforts. We would have gladly donated if we were ever contacted or saw flyers up in stores. Hopefully, they can pull it off next year. I know I will be keeping an eye on where to donate.

  2. Its not the dirty hipsters , its Steve Levine sitting on his ass and doing nothing. Manhattan ave lights would have bought such warmth during the christmas and new years holiday, the real holiday spirit. But if we have lazy community leaders like steve then only shit happens

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