We received many photos and sad messages from readers who were on the scene during last’s night fatal motorcycle accident on Manhattan Ave near Eagle St in Greenpoint.

The death of 18 year old Greenpointer Jakub Kizer was confirmed in a recent article by DNAinfo:

Jakub had just got the motorcycle only a few days before the accident.

Jakub Kizer / Facebook

“‘[He’s a] good kid,” said the teary-eyed 62-year-old man, who just gave his first name, Stanley. “I told him when he bought the bike, be careful.'”

A reader wrote in, “A motorcyclist ran into a delivery cab at high speed and is probably dead. We were eating across the street at Lobster joint, ran outside called 911 … It seems but I am not sure that his helmet flew out on impact. The car driver was also injured not moving from his car but seemed ok.”


Another reader wrote, “The firefighters and police were incredible and tried to revive the man for a good 45 minutes.”

After being taken to Woodhull hospital, Jakub was pronounced dead. The other driver did not sustain any life threatening injuries.

Our thoughts go out to Jakub’s family, friends and neighbors during this tragic time.

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  1. Sad to see someone die. Maybe this should be a lesson to all parents to think twice about letting their kids ride motorcycles. If he was in a car he would still be here today. The adrenline might be fun, but I rather live past age 18.

    1. To Terry Jones:
      He kept it away from them, he had the bike for only two days, and bought it with his hard earned money, if you do not know the situation personally do not comment. If you have an opinion on how parents should raise their kids, write a blog.

    2. Lesson?
      Things happen alright. The parents are NOT to blame for this at all, so think again. What if parent’s were to get their child a car and their child were to end up in a deadly car accident? Would you still use your statement? This has nothing to do with parenting. Absolutely nothing. Life can be cruel and we’ll never know why.
      May he rest in peace. Best wishes to family and friends.

    3. Terry,
      It must be tough knowing whats best for people all the time. You picked a good moment for the holier than thou gimmick too. I hope you are proud. Too bad you weren’t there to stand at the edge of the scene of the accident and yell “I told you so.”

      1. Ok. Everyone calm down. Everyone is clearly very upset about this but getting angry doesn’t help. I just don’t want a post about a young man who died to turn into a terrible comment thread. It is not respectful to him or for his family and doesn’t change anything.

    4. The motorcycle wasn’t the problem, operating it without proper knowledge is. I ride around this area all the time without incident, but i’ve experienced encounters with other motorcyclists who were less than savvy with their bikes.

      To future motorcyclists, you should really get your motorcycle license before operating a motorcycle. A class from MSS is also recommended https://www.ridemss.com/.

      RIP kid.

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