There was a lot of back and forth on the comment thread in regard to the home invasions and sexual attacks that we initially reported yesterday so I wanted to update readers on who the attacker is and what exactly happened. According to the below article the first victim was raped in Williamsburg and he sexually assaulted three other women in Greenpoint – for a total of 4 victims.

It’s definitely frightening information, but at least he was caught.

There was also blame put on the McGuinness Blvd Homeless shelter, but after speaking with the 94th (AGAIN) this morning, Officer Truglio confirmed that the suspect from Monday night – Edgar Marrero’s last address was in Manhattan – so there is no link to the Greenpoint Homeless shelter.

Here is a very detailed report that NY1 put out: 

“Edgar Marrero, 24, faces charges of rape, attempted rape, burglary, robbery, forcible touching and sexual abuse.


Police say it all began late Monday when the suspect forced his way into an apartment on Berry Street in Williamsburg.

… Once inside, police say he raped the 27-year-old victim and fled once she began screaming, allegedly taking her laptop and cellphone.

… he entered another apartment in the vicinity of Russell Street and Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint at approximately 9:45 p.m. Monday. They say he forced a 40-year-old woman to a couch and attempted to attack her, but the woman’s husband came out and fought off the attacker.

The suspect allegedly left with her cellphone.

Police say he then struck a 44-year-old woman in the face with a bag and sexually assaulted her in the vicinity of Kingsland Avenue and Nassau Avenue shortly after 10 p.m.

According to police, the man then entered an unlocked door of an apartment in the vicinity of Norman Avenue and Kingsland Avenue at approximately 11:20 p.m. and attempted to assault a 37-year-old woman, but the woman’s roommate scared the suspect away with a broomstick.

Police allege that the suspect left that location with a laptop and a cellphone.

Police say they were tipped off by another woman who saw a person fitting the description sleeping in a building on Nassau Street.

The suspect was later taken into custody and brought to the 94th precinct.”

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