Humboldt St Peeping Tom Is Back

Last year a reader alerted us to a Peeping Tom on Humboldt St and it seems that he is back.

“If you recall last year I sent an email alerting you about a Peeping Tom on Humboldt Street. Well he’s back and has been seen by a few people on the block between Nassau and Norman. He likes to lurk on porches and stoops. He’s also been caught masturbating while looking in people’s windows.

The latest incident was Monday (6/24) at 12:20 am. He was scared off by a neighbor who saw him looking in her windows. I called the 94th precinct but because he was already gone (I would have called 911 otherwise) and we don’t have a good description of him, there’s not a whole lot they can do other than send a car around.

If anyone sees a suspicious man looking in windows or lurking on porches or stoops you know they shouldn’t be on (and assuming you are safe from him) rather than confront him or scare him off please call 911 immediately and tell them exactly where he is.

This combined with the recent incident on Java is frightening. It’s important that everyone be on alert in every part of the neighborhood.”

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  1. We had what appeared to be an 18 year old boy masturbating on our stoop just a few weeks ago. It’s truly disturbing. I banged on the window and tried to get a photo but he ran


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