McGolrick Park Punks Vandalize, Start Fires & Assault Dogs

I was a bit put off when I saw a bunch of trees in McGolrick earlier this week wrapped in caution tape. I later found out that it marks trees that are due a pruning. After feeling relief that the trees are safe and healthy, I got wind of the vandalism in the park, which is not the first time this has happened to our beautiful McGolrick/Winthrop Park.

I have first hand seen kids starting fires there, stacking up picnic benches like legos and let’s not forget when the statue was covered in graffiti.

According to Brooklyn Paper, “the youths launched a particularly vicious campaign this week, brazenly vandalizing the park in broad daylight and setting fire to the maintenance building on Tuesday night — and holding a knife to the neck of one park-goers’ pooch.”

Why do they have to mess with innocent dogs?

Yesterday New 12 reported that, “crews are working to restore power to the park after the same group of teenagers are believed by parkgoers to have started an electrical fire…Local lawmakers tell us that they are working with police to either close the park earlier or install security cameras.”

We can’t let these punks ruin our beautiful park!

Aside from potentially closing the park at dusk and install cameras, how do you think we can prevent this behavior?

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