Yesterday I posted an article written by Matt G. that reported that Thaddeus “Teddy” Padlo had passed away. This article has been removed at the request of his family, who wrote in that Teddy is not dead, but instead at a VA hospital. I am embarrassed that I didn’t do a better job at verifying this serious information before sharing it and sincerely apologize for any harm my lack of oversight has caused Teddy and his family.

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  1. Im glad you cleared that up before I saw him strolling around and freaked out. Thats cool man, I did that guy, he reminds me of popeye

  2. Just to echo the above sentiments, I wish to apologize to the Greenpointers’ readers and moreoever, to Teddy, himself, and to his family for the article I wrote going out regarding his passing.

    Being an optimist, however, I do hope that should any of the readers of the retracted article encounter Teddy in the future, that they thank him for his service to our country and/or express to him their appreciation for his sacrifices during the war in Vietnam.

    My best wishes to Teddy for a rapid recovery and I hope to see him back outside Juhas Deli in the near future.

    1. so, it’s ok that he harrases me almost every time i walk past him?
      a substance abuse problem is serious, and i do not discount his service to our country, however he is a menace to the neighborhood. instead of really dealing with his issues his family choses to let him out in that state. enebriated to the point of pissing himself. screaming obscenities. c’mon, get him in treatment. they are waiting for him to die on the street.
      I stopped going to that deli because of him. i stopped walking on that side of the street because of him. you hope to see him outside of the deli? why?
      if you care so much get him into a treatment program.

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