While I have no interest in showing you a dog attack and will not, the nice folks at Napa Auto, where the recent dog attack took place last Wednesday June 5th, 2013, reviewed their surveillance video footage in order to help Lauren Schneider find the owner of the dog who attacked and killed her young pomerania named Arlo.

The owner of the attack dog, a white man who was originally described as thin, but is in fact NOT thin, but instead fat and balding, literally ran away up Freeman after the attack. The attack dog was confirmed to be a white shepherd.

If you see this person or the dog or have any information, do the right thing and contact Lauren at 631-835-0789 or laurenEschneider AT gmail.com.

Unfortunately since this is a “civil matter” this unbelievable irresponsible and horrendous human being cannot be arrested for his disgusting behavior. Regardless, his dog is dangerous – not only to other dogs but potentially to people as well. Such an aggressive animal owned by such a vile human being is a dangerous combination and at the very least this dog should be taken away from this man.

I can think of a few things I’d like to see happen to him, but I will keep those to myself.


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  1. I understand that a very disturbing thing happened to Arlo. However, does the video show the attack happening? First it was reported that the man was thin, and now it’s believed that he isn’t. I’d hate for someone’s reputation to be dragged through the mud if this is not the correct person. Just a thought.

    1. the video shows the attack and the photo shown is a screen shot of the owner of the attack dog. eye witness accounts are unreliable – especially when such traumatizing events occur. this video is the proof since the attack is on tape and the video shows the man running away from the crime.

    2. wasn’t the initial report that it was two females in their twenties and they ran off? How did it go from that to a thin man to a fat balding man?
      I know eyewitness accounts are unreliable, but that’s a huge difference. Either way, i hope the owner of this dog is caught and there is justice for arlo!

      1. Yes. Initially I was getting reports from many different people from many different directions. When Lauren the owner contacted me I included her description, which had two girls AND a guy. I am sorry that I left the male out of the initial description. The way I understood it – he was with the owner – no the owner.
        That being said eye witness testimony is completely unreliable and what Lauren must have experienced is beyond me.
        After reviewing the tape she wrote that in fact it was the man – who is not “thin” as she originally described.
        I do apologize for leaving the man out initially. My aim here is l help. Not to confuse the readers.
        I was going off of info sent to me and made the mistake to exclude the man.
        Thanks for commenting.

    1. There’s not a criminal penalty for dog-on-dog attacks. Unfortunately, the most likely civil penalty for this is the owner having to pay the market value of the dog (so like a purebred dog will result in more money than a mutt). Messed up, but the law still treats pets as property most of the time.

      1. *to clarify my wording, the owner of the killer dog has to pay the market value of the dog that died. Emotional distress claims tend to be really narrow, too, and often don’t cover seeing an animal harmed, only human relatives. It sucks and people who are upset could also consider writing their state representatives.

  2. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of everyone’s attention. As an owner of a puppy Golden Retriever, I am at a loss of what I would do should such a cruel loss happen to me. May Lauren and those who might also be affected be blessed with a beneficial class action lawsuit against such negligent parenting. May he get the F*** out of Greenpoint and the surrounding areas and may this poor German Shepard get the counseling he needs to be rehabilitated

    1. Sorry Dad! No u have a catahoula so that rules you out. I know my description is a low blow but its all I have to dig at this horrible sub-human. All those fat and bald awesome people – you rule! I have dated both fat and bald people and have found them very sexy and wonderful…
      It’s also a useful description.
      When did u get so PC dad?

  3. This photo should be printed and posted on fliers in the area. Not only to shame the owner into maybe coming forward but as a warning to other dog owners in the area so they know to avoid this dog. What a scumbag.

  4. So sorry about her dog! That man should be punished. I would just like to point out however that the aggressive dog is NOT a German shepherd! Shepherds do not have curly tails or tails that stand up. I am sorry but I had to point that out. It is not easy to own a big german shepherd and when you mistakenly identify one as being vicious it makes it even harder. A well trained shepherd is a joy. Socialized and taken care of properly it will be the best dog you could ever have.

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