I hate to break it to you folks, but our beloved or behated G Train will be closed at Greenpoint Ave for 12 weekends beginning on July 6, 2013. Also closed will be 21st Street and Court Square stops in Long Island City.

That means no service between Nassau & Greenpoint Aves or to Queens. The train will run from Church St to Nassau Ave, which will be the last stop. Then you can take a shuttle service along the rest of the line.

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy the MTA has some major work to do to repair the tube. According to a NY Times report: “In the Greenpoint tube, power cables, exposed to salt water, are ‘corroding from the inside,’ the authority said, and exterior corrosion of rails and fasteners has increased the likelihood of short circuits.”

The affected weekends are July 6, July 13, July 20, Aug. 3, Aug. 10, Aug. 17, Aug. 24, Sept. 7, Sept. 28, Oct. 5, Dec. 7 and Dec. 14.

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  1. Is it just me, or do the G shuttle buses run far more frequently than the G itself? I find my trip ends up going faster when the G is down. (Not including if you have to take the train to the bus, just for instance if you need to get from Greenpoint to Court Square.)

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