The recent spike in crime got us thinking– how safe is Greenpoint, statistically? Has crime increased over the past year? Between last week’s home invasions/sexual assautlspistol whipping, and a poll that ranked Greenpoint “just below East New York for perceptions of class and safety,” we wanted some insight on the wider trends in crime.

Contributor, Cristina Vásquez Obando, created this helpful infographic, which lays out the data, according to the NYPD Crime Stats.  Included, are the numbers from 1993, for some historical perspective.

Up since last year: Grand Larceny, Burglary (but only by 1%), Assault, Murder (1 murder this year up from zero), and most notably, Rape, which experienced a 60% increase (from 5 incidents in 2012, to 8 in 2013).

The good news? Robbery is down by 22%. And, best of all,  look at how much safer the neighborhood is now than it was 20 years ago. In 1993 Greenpoint, the chances of being robbed, burglarized, and assaulted were significantly higher.


Some helpful terminology:

Grand larceny in New York, refers to stealing amounts of $1,000 or more. Burglary involves breaking and entering of a dwelling with an intent to commit a felony. Robbery is defined by the law as taking or trying to take something from someone that has value by utilizing intimidation, force or threat. In order for robbery to take place, a victim must be present at the scene.

Stay safe out there!

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  1. I wish NYPD broke down its assault statistics – for example, how many felonious assaults were actually attempted rapes? How many were gay-hate crimes? These are specifically motivated assaults that require specific policing, and I wish they weren’t all lumped into one generic category.

    In the meantime, this is a really useful blog post & chart, and I hope you post more updates. Thanks!

  2. Stop fanning the flames of fear in our neighborhood with these sort of posts! All this accomplishes is spawning negative reactionary behavior. Do we need a George Zimmerman in Greenpoint? If you look at these numbers closely from a statisticians perspective, all they prove is that very little has changed from last year. Yet we are barraged with posts on this site day after day about an uptick in local crime. I respect what you’ve done for the neighborhood in terms of highlighting local culture and businesses, but this Veronica Mars shit has gotta stop.

    1. our purpose is not to scare people but to show in a visual way the reality of what is going on in greenpoint. i am responding to the inquiries i get daily – why is this happening? what is going on? what’s with all the crime?

      this is a way to show people what is really going on – that like you said – not much has changed.

      thanks for your response. we will continue to post on all relevant news, cultural as well as criminal when we see fit.

      it would have not irresponsible for me to NOT cover the recent crimes, which were horrifying for me personally as a woman.

      i just had to wiki veronica mars.

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