Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

While I think you should read all of our newsletters, I’d say this one is especially worth paying attention to, as we’re covering a few North Brooklyn-specific stories that you won’t find anywhere else.

Case in point — the state’s Independent Redistricting Committee wants to redraw the boundaries and dilute Greenpoint’s political power. Find out how you can get involved here.

We put out several helpful roundups this week, in case you’re looking to get active, watch the Super Bowl, or spend some quality time with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day.

Homecoming moved! Down the block!


We can feel it coming in the air tonight — the return of Phil Collins Day, that is. A GoFundMe campaign for a local small business owner needs your help. Take advantage of all that Grand Street has to offer and find out how you can be a “Small Business Sweetie.”

How are all those shiny new high rises affecting neighborhood stray cats?

Neighbors say that the nightlife noise coming from the CODA Williamsburg Hotel has gotten way out of hand. McGolrick Park is getting a gardener for the first time in four years. More spicy noodles are coming to North Brooklyn, with the opening of a new Xi’an Famous Foods in Williamsburg.

Most importantly, this Sunday will see our Greenpointers’ Valentine’s Market at 67 West Street. It’s the perfect place to get a little something for you or your sweetie, plus, you’ll be supporting local makers in the process. Stop by from 1 – 7 PM on February 12 for the best in Brooklyn creatives, cider margaritas, and family-friendly activities.

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