Plants + Brunch, Don’t Mind if We Do… Selamat Pagi x Homecoming Are Teaming Up! (3/24-25)

Brunch at Selamat Pagi. Photo: Asia Coladner
Brunch at Selamat Pagi. Photo: Asia Coladner

Neighborhood Indonesian darling Selamat Pagi (152 Driggs Ave.) is teaming up with Greenpoint’s adorable-est plant shop Homecoming (107 Franklin Street) for a verdant and vibrant brunch on March 24th & 25th. On those dates during brunch (11am-4pm), the restaurant will host a plant pop-up shop that the Selamat Pagi team has curated from Homecoming’s merch. Expect a unique selection of potted plants and accessories from local artists that brunch goers will be able to purchase while chowing down on sticky black rice with yogurt, fresh fruit and coconut or turmeric soft scrambled eggs. Plus, they’ll be serving everything else on their full brunch menu too. Continue reading

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Greenpoint Winter Survival Guide: How To Get Your Green On In The Dead of Winter

Vanessa Chinga-Haven, Owner of Homecoming

PLANTS & FLOWERS: HOMECOMING | 107 Franklin Street
Vanessa Chinga-Haven, Owner

Greenpointers: Which plants do better in a heated apartment in the winter months?

Vanessa Chinga-Haven: I like to go with philodendrons, because they’re easy and a lot of people know those. They’re my go-to because they survive and they’re a low light plant. Otherwise you could go with ZZ plant which is also very resilient. We also have snake plants that are very hardy. Those would be my three go-to plants. Continue reading

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Abridged Greenpointer’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Need some father’s day gift inspiration? There’s plenty of cool stuff to give right here in your own backyard!  Here’s a short list of ideas (which is admittedly in no way comprehensive, as there are so many more awesome small businesses here in north Brooklyn, so feel free to add to the list of ideas in the comments section).

1. Tacos, La Norteña / Vamos Al Tequila  2. Fine craft beers, Brouwerij Lane  3. Engraved biz card case, In God We Trust  4. Nice new comb, Chopin Chemists  5. Vintage VHS, The Thing  6. Slice of pizza, Vinnie’s / Franklin Pizza  7. Fine colognes, Old Hollywood  8. Coveralls, Pop’s Popular Clothing  9. Succulants (a.k.a. plants that require minimal care), Homecoming (formerly known as Spina)  10. Donut, Peter Pan  11. Delicious cheeses and Keta candy, Eastern District  12. Sweet shades, Alter  13. A funny old tshirt, People of 2Morrow  14. Fancy and rare spirits, Duke’s Liquor Box  15. Beach tote, M. Carter  16. Pour over coffee maker, Budin  17. A nice rosé, Dandelion Wine  18. Polish chocolates, Slodycze Wedel  19. A whole, fresh fish, Pura Vida Stand at McCarren Park Greenmarket  20. Stool for sitting and pondering, Bklyn Curated  21. Basketball, BQ Sports  22. Cool kicks, Wolves Within  23. Vintage vinyl, Permanent Records / Academy Records / Co-op 87 / Records Grouch  24. Portable bike pump and other biking accessories, Silk Road Cycles / B’s Bikes / Greenpoint Bikes  25. Bobbers and other fishing accessories, Dream Fishing Tackle  26. Polish sausages, smoked meats, and pickles, Nassau Meat Market / Mazur Meak Market (and so many more!)  27. A good book, like this one about the Pogues, Word. 

Illustration by Libby VanderPloeg

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