There are plenty of reasons why Greenpoint is superior to Williamsburg, and the presence of a Xi’an Famous Foods used to be at the top of the list.

Now, with the opening of a new Xi’an location at 209 N. 8th Street, we can’t lord that over them anymore, though we’re happy to welcome more Xi’an into the neighborhood, to ensure we can get a fix wherever a craving might strike.

This is the 12th location for the New York City chain, which specializes in Western Chinese-style hand-pulled noodles. The noodles are spicy, fragrant, and tangy, and certainly one of the best bang-for-your-buck meals in North Brooklyn. My mouth waters just thinking about the spicy and sour lamb dumplings in soup.

A screenshot of an Instagram story from Xi’an Famous Foods

The store is currently in a soft-opening phase and stressed on Instagram that they’re trying to keep it low-key. 

“Stay tuned to our social media for Grand Opening Promo!” they wrote on their website.


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