July 19, 2015 (1-7PM) at Greenpoint Loft (67 West St, 5th Floor)// Poster Design by Akane Ogura

Summers in Greenpoint call for outdoor revelry and picnics so we’re bringing both to the upcoming Summer Market because did you know that Greenpoint Loft has an amazing rooftop space with views of the Manhattan Skyline and the East River? Plus, illustrator Libby VanderPloeg is hand drawing a Garden Variety Watermelon Patch for a picnic themed photobooth manned by Gustavo Ponce! Your handsome mugs will come alive like living art as they did in the last market.

RSVP for Sunday, July 19th from 1-7PM at the Greenpoint Loft (67 West St, 5th Fl).

There will be FREE Activities, Craft Beer and Refreshments, Local Shopping, and Music:

Rooftop Yoga: Is there a better way to get your urban zen on? Visitors have enjoyed Greenpoint Loft’s outdoor section for its views but we thought we should take advantage of the weather by inviting Hosh Yoga to host a donation-based yoga class there.

Henna Tattoos: Ohm your way over to Miss V, who will get her demons out by doling out some Henna Tattoos.


Painted Postcards: One of the best things I’ve done in life is sit on Bedford Ave for Williamsburg Walks alongside artist duo, Zev and Jay, who rapidly produced beautiful original art on postcards like a pair of machines. So thrilled to have them join the Summer Market!

Nail Art: Your nails are Peenk’s blank canvas.

Massages: Human@Ease will knead those muscle aches away.

Craft Beer: The beer nerds at Greenpoint Beer and Ale have brewed us some delightful summer ales. “Homeboy’s Whim #9” is a summery saison brewed with modern American hops and plenty of raw and flaked wheat. Light, dry and effervescent with spice and tropical tones (5.1%). “Neutron Dance” is an easy drinking IPA that is light on the malt with plenty of floral , citrusy hop (4.7%).

Watermelon Soju: A boozy pureed watermelon punch made by yours truly. It’s the only thing I bring to a summer picnic!

Music: Did you know that Laura O’Neill of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is in a band and just released an album? If not, check out Laura & Greg’s “Forever for Sure” for some catchy tunes. They will create us a playlist of their summer picks and our friends at Supercrush Studio will be amplifying it!

50+ Vendors: As always, we have some fabulous vendors lined up who will be selling locally crafted items. There is still room so apply here if you have something original and cool to sell!

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors!

Greenpoint Loft
GP Beer & Ale
Enterprise CarShare
Crunch Gym
Cafe Grumpy
Hosh Yoga

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