Let’s be honest. No one really wants to see one single person endowed with multi-faceted talent. Yet, as evidenced in Laura & Greg‘s recently released album “Forever for Sure,” that person exists in the form of Laura O’Neill.

The same woman behind successful neighborhood favorites Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and Selamat Pagi, both of which have delighted our taste buds, can also belt out sweet melodic tunes with the best of them and I’m digging it. I had their first music video for “Muscle Memory” on repeat.

I have a feeling the days when we can go to a local record store to see them perform live for free are numbered. As Music Editor Peter eloquently put it: “This is not just another guy/girl duo trying to cover up an unremarkable repertoire with close harmonies, and that is a welcome relief.”


Check out Laura & Greg this Saturday (7/11) at the Academy Record Annex (85 Oak St) 6:30PM.

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