Greenpoint is just so the best!

• Best New Bakery: Ovenly
“The biscuit was perfect, crumbly but moist. The cupcake, while sweet, wasn’t too sweet, a signature of Ovenly baked goods, with a hint of savory lent by the nuts in the cake and black sesame seeds on top.” – Jen

• Best Community Art Project: Newtown Creek Armada
“Visitors to The Armada will pilot a fleet of artist-made, three-foot, remote-controlled boats along the surface of the Newtown Creek while documenting the hidden world of its waters using waterproof cameras and microphones in real-time.” – Nathaniel Z

• Best Urban Wildlife: Freedom the Eastern Kingbird (Video!)


• Best New Open Space: Transmitter Park

• Best Blocks: Milton, Guernsey, Kent, Russell (PHOTOS)

• Best Concert: Rapture & Tanlines at House of Vans
“After Tanlines’ stellar set, The Rapture took control of the bated fans and kept the energy up without missing a beat.  Their infectious dance-punk sound permeated throughout the warehouse and had the grinning, sweaty crowd (did I mention it was about 95 degrees inside?) jumping up and down with their hands in the air by the end of the set.” – John H

• Best New Art Gallery: Calico Brooklyn
“When asked the significance of the word Calico and whether it has anything to do with perhaps a secret obsession with feline’s, Scott said he liked the ring of the question: ‘Are you going to the opening at Calico tonight?'” – Jen

• Best New Bargain Shopping: Greenpoint Bargains
“The store stocks well-priced furniture, clothing, books, records and all sorts of other curious oddities.” – Nathaniel Z

• Best Nail Salon: Ria Nails
“I’ve never received so many compliments on my nails since Ria nail arted the crap out of them, (even after my Instagram blunder-fuck.)” -Jen

• Best New Late Night SnackThai at No Name Bar
“This Pad Thai tasted like a Thai version of my Nonna’s red sauce, really homemade. It was definitely a lot more noodles than shrimp or peanuts, but it was the perfect heat, spicy enough to be delicious but not so much that I needed to inhale the dish to try to escape the heat.” – Jen

• Best Designer: Alexandra Weiss
Alexandra Weiss is a native from Pennsylvania (Scranton, actually). She is a fashion designer and grew up with a true passion for drawing and creating. Her own designs are multifunctional tank shirts and dresses which are made of silk with a lace insert on the side.” – Janina

• Best New DIY Music Venue: Muchmore’s
“If you can’t find it, just open your ears; there is no sound proofing and if you are too cheap to fork over $5, you can listen through the open windows.” – Jen

• Best of McGolrick Park: Farmers Market
“‘I am so excited about this,’  I overheard a Greenpointer say as she examined the gorgeous bounty. Everyone was buzzing about, finding fresh local treasures.” – Jen

• Best Art Show: Unreliable Narrator at Pierogi
“Each piece teased out minute and often-obscure details of systems from pop cultural groups to North American history to the knock on effects of the industrial revolution.” – Jon P

• Best Condiment: My Friend’s Mustard
“Unless it’s a giant slab of kielbasa, I never find myself asking for anyone to pass the mustard. That all changed this weekend.” – Jen

• Best Cappuccino: Variety
“Excellent brew and my favorite cappuccino in the hood, the space was designed just for a coffee line.” – Jen

• Best Book: The Last Bohemia
“An important book for everyone living in North Brooklyn, old-timers and newcomers, when I first picked it up, it’s had a certain heft, not because it’s big, but because the changes Anasi tackles, especially for Greenpointers, are looming.” -Jen

• Best Cocktails: Five Leaves
“…five new cocktails on the menu that fit the following criteria: 1. everything is made in-house 2. they are not expensive 3. they each take 1 min 15 sec to make.” – Jen

• Best Filming Moment: The Explosion

• Best of the Outdoors: Canoeing to Bushwick Inlet
“Gliding down the Newtown Creek gives one a much different perspective of that waterway.  While it certainly didn’t feel clean  – the water itself has a murky, oily quality to it that I find unsettling, particularly at night – the calming effect of being on it changed my experience of the day dramatically.” – Peter

• Best Way To DeStress: Community Shiatsu
“Some people are true healers. I was having shoulder pain from working on the computer and it really helped to relieve stress and tension, not to mention the overall sense of calm I felt afterwards.” – Jen

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