Artwork: (Left) Thomas Buildmore (Right) Morgan Anderson

You might know Scott Chasse from his OMGWEBCATS drawings or from his obsessive paintings of Burt Reynolds. This Friday September 28, 2012, 7-9pm, Scott is introducing a new art gallery to Greenpoint called Calico Brooklyn (67 West St, #206), with an opening reception of the inaugural show titled, Exhibit A.

When asked the significance of the word Calico and whether it has anything to do with perhaps a secret obsession with feline’s, Scott said he liked the ring of the question: “Are you going to the opening at Calico tonight?” He did mention he has “two pretty cool cats at home,” and believes that “cats are good marketing tools.”

Calico Brooklyn

Calico is located in the historical Greenpoint Terminal Building. After “shuffling around” studios at Fowler Arts Collective, Scott took up the new space which is large enough to accommodate a wood shop in the back (he is a skilled carpenter, too) and the art gallery in the front. Scott is very excited about the location of the gallery, “67 West has really been kicking-off this past year or so … Spaces have quickly filled up with more artists, light manufacturing, loft offices, design firms, etc. I love that corner of Greenpoint.”

While this is Scott’s first so-called gallery in New York, it is certainly not the first art show he has produced and curated. He is the director of the The Distillery, an artist’s building in South Boston, an independent curator for several restaurants, has produced pop-ups with Ugly Art Room, and co-curated Paint it Now with fellow artist, Thomas Buildmore.

Exhibit A, the first show at Calico, features artworks by: Morgan Anderson, Nancy BakerAimee BelangerAmanda BrowderThomas BuildmoreDarkcloudsKenley DarlingMartin EstevesKDONZKeelyAllison MaletzKenji NakayamaAdam O’DayWilson ParryCecelia PostGabriela Salazar, and Claire Typaldos.


About the artists he chose for the exhibition, Scott said:

These are people I’ve met over the past 5 years in my travels as an artist and/or curator that have stood out as artists who’s work I admire and have been a pleasure to meet & work with … I figured I’d launch the space with a couple of group shows that reflect the type of work I intend to exhibit in smaller, more focused shows as the space progresses. If Calico was a book, I think the inaugural exhibits are like the list of chapters and the shows to come will be a good read.

While there is no conceptual theme to the collection, Scott said, “there will be a wide range of mediums; painting, drawing, photography, installation, sculpture, screen printing, and even some custom-pinstriped antique hand axes (not kidding).”

Asked what his goals for Calico Brooklyn are, he said:

My hope is that Calico can become a place that presents/supports local talent while introducing other great artists that are not based in Brooklyn. Being a recent transplant from Boston, I still have connections with lots of good people up there that I’d like to eventually show here in Brooklyn … I do intend to create an environment that is comfortable for anyone to come in and own a piece of great artwork.

Stop by the opening of Exhibit A on Friday, to be followed by Exhibit B, opening on October 19th. Narragansett Beer is the gallery sponsor, so look forward to complimentary cold ones while you enjoy the art. The space will also be available to host small events and presentations and look forward to an affordable small works show in December for the Holidays.

So, are you going to the opening at Calico on Friday?

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