I’d heard about the ramen in the basement of No Name Bar but never made it down. Now they have a full Thai menu, and it’s delicious and cheap!

When friends want to go out for Thai I usually go, “Meh.” Not because it isn’t a delicious cuisine, it’s just that ever since it became a food trend and every neighborhood got a thai place, most were just that, meh.

When I read in Paper that the recipes were based off chef Nam’s grandmother’s Bangkok cooking, I had to try it.

There were so many promising looking menu items and I wanted to try everything, but I went with the obvious: Pad Thai, a dish I ate countless times at Planet Thailand in the late 90s when Thai was a new idea. A dish that when it’s good it’s so good and when it’s not it’s so disappointing.

This Pad Thai tasted like a Thai version of my Nonna’s red sauce, really homemade. It was definitely a lot more noodles than shrimp or peanuts, but it was the perfect heat, spicy enough to be delicious but not so much that I needed to inhale the dish to try to escape the heat. The shrimp were very tasty and not overcooked. Lots of fresh greens and crunchy bean sprouts made this traditional Pad Thai, not surprising, but very comforting.


We also ordered amazing Chicken Dumplings Over Bok Choy in a Peanut Sauce that was phenomenal.

Jon got the Beef Stew Noodle Soup, an aromatic broth that hinted of star anise with perfectly falling apart stew meat, bok choy and noodles.

I cannot wait to go back and try the Drunk Man Noodle and the Fancy Fish Ball Soup.

Service starts at 4pm, perfect for us old people, plus it’s very inexpensive with everything under $10 for a giant plate of food. Pay at the bar then head downstairs to place your order. If it’s not too cold enjoy your meal in the gorgeous yard, or if it’s chilly this is one of the coziest bars in Greenpoint.

No Name Bar
597 Manhattan Ave

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  1. I encourage you guys to go and give it a try. I grew up in Bangkok and the noodles here are one the closest to thai street food-style I’ve had in NYC. Make sure to ask the chef to sprinkle a little fried garlic to your noodle soup. that’s how we do it back home 😉

    If you’ve been to bangkok, and you love thai street food (which is the best) you’ ll really love this. And they open till late night !! ( just like home!)

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