I heart my nails!

I’ve never received so many compliments on my nails since Ria nail arted the crap out of them, (even after my Instagram blunder-fuck.)

Not your typical nail salon.

All Ria’s artwork is hand painted; there are no airbrushes in sight. How artisanal; I wonder where she locally sources the nail polish?

Born in  Peru, Ria grew up in Greenpoint and now at the ripe age of 23, runs Ria Nailz out of her mother’s shop: Maritza’s Unisex Salon (141 India St.)

Infinite Options!

Unsurprisingly, Ria has been crazy about nail art since she was little. How does she come up with all those wild patterns? They just come to her. And she invites her customers to come in with ideas, inspired by anything they see. If you don’t have any ideas, don’t worry, there are infinite discs to chose from.

Inca Cola?! Thank God for next time!

Ria can only see about 8 customers per day and she works almost every day of the week. So what’s next for Ria? Assemble an army of nail artists? Open a mega salon? Franchise? No, no, no. Ria is a one lady show and she takes advantage of the freedom her solo business gives her. Her styling doesn’t stop at nails; Ria is also a fashion stylist for the band Sleigh Bells and enjoys traveling and touring with the band.

When Ria is out of town, Cocoa runs the show.

This is no ordinary manicure. Let Ria take your nails to the next level. To make an appointment email rianailzgreenpoint (at) gmail.com

Ria Nailz
141 India St.

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