Agatha & Erin, Owners of Ovenly

It may be off the beaten path, but the best things in life don’t just land on your corner. A new bakery called Ovenly opened last Friday on Greenpoint Ave between West St and the East River, near the soon to open Transmitter Park. If you haven’t stopped in yet, you are majorly missing out on biscuit perfection and cupcake elegance, not to mention cookie genius. And they have savory treats, too!
Agatha and Erin, the ladies behind this recent start-up began their company right out of Paulie Gee’s kitchen, where I am convinced a little fairy lives whose magic wand turns food start-ups into major successes. Bacon Marmalade, Sea Bean Goods & Mike’s Hot Honey all began beside that big pizza oven, as well.

When Ovenly’s wholesale orders grew (their first was from Veronica People’s Club) they expanded their operation and moved to Red Hook. After a year and with the desire to open a retail bakeshop so they could meet their customers and have a “face to our company,” as Agatha explained, it made sense to move back home (across from Paulie Gee’s), which is a walk to work for the baking duo.
“It all started here – it just feels right,” Agatha said.
On my first visit, I had to go for sweet and savory, so I tried a Biscuit that had a side of Mike’s Hot Honey and a Carrot Spice Cupcake with Honey Butter Cream. That felt right, even though it was difficult to decide with all the amazing options on display. The biscuit was perfect, crumbly but moist. The cupcake, while sweet, wasn’t too sweet, a signature of Ovenly baked goods, with a hint of savory lent by the nuts in the cake and black sesame seeds on top. I also tried a Peanut Butter cookie, which was heavenly.
“We pride ourselves on using simple ingredients, and not too many,” Agatha explained.
There are even choices for the dairy and gluten fearing. The Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie that I grabbed for the road and delightfully found that evening in my backpack, was the best vegan cookie and one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. These broads know how to bake.
And the gluten free goods are “naturally gluten free,” like the Hazelnut Maple Orange Cookie, Agatha explained, with nut flours that are ground in-house, a technique inspired by their Eastern European backgrounds.
I can’t believe you are still reading this and not on your way to Ovenly. Other amazing must-tries: Caramel Bacon Tart, Spring Onion Sage & Montina Cheese Frittata and Chocolate, Black Caraway and Smoked Salt Shortbread. Check out the rest of the menu, here.

31 Greenpoint Ave

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