WNYC Transmitter Park is open and you have shared some great Instagram snaps with us! Continue to add by tagging #transmitterpark and @greenpointers. Have a great day!


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      1. How about a dog run or designated dog area? I was there early Sunday and saw nothing but dogs doing their business on the lawn … It made me cringe to see so many people laying on the same spots later in the day.

        1. that would be a great idea since before it was a new fancy park it was a dog park. and the only one in greenpoint. please don’t say no dogs. please.

          1. Hi all. I just started a group on Facebook for dog-owners in Greenpoint near Transmitter Park who would like to have their pets off leash in the early morning, like other NYC parks. Please join so we that can get a critical mass. We’ll probably get something more formal, but just as a draft platform the group is “Greenpoint Dogwalkers Liberation Front”

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