Drinks! Drinks! Drinks! Summer Cocktails @ Five Leaves

Sometimes the only alternative to dealing with this heat is to drink it away. The talented folks at Five Leaves have come up with a refreshing summer cocktail menu with enough variety to satisfy all you sticky picky cocktails enthusiasts. And talk about cocktail porn!

Dan Sabo, the master cocktail engineer, along with his team, Calvin, Chris & Bobby introduced five new cocktails on the menu that fit the following criteria: 1. everything is made in-house 2. they are not expensive 3. they each take 1 min 15 sec to make:

This first and my favorite was the peachy General Lee, made with bourbon, liqueur de peche, cynar and angostura bitters. Peach plus bourbon equals thanks for blowing my mind! Next was the sexy Valencia, which can’t get more perfect than Gin, Fresh Lime, Aveze, Creme de Cacao and Orange Bitters. Bitter, sour, sweet, icy and gorgeous. I will definitely be in the mood for this after a long day of work. 

If you’re into Mezcal and fresh fruit, the Summer Thyme is your number. And look at the color! It’s light, fruity, smokey and refreshing. 

The Serpico Fizz was the most unexpected with tequila, lime, fennel, celray soda and black pepper. More spicy than sweet, it’s fresh, clean and peppery. 

Beer cocktails are a hard sell, but the Lechuga Diablo, cerveza with bourbon, guava puree, honey, fresh squeezed lime and chipotle was delicious; sweet, spicy and not too strong, perfect with brunch!

Click her for ALL the cocktails.

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