Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

The city has been hit with some intense flooding today — stay safe and dry out there, y’all! Since you’re stuck inside, why not catch up on all the neighborhood news from this week?

Why would someone cut down a tree? And then keep cutting down trees? We don’t know!

Paloma Coffee and Bakery is hosting a photo exhibit from a local artist. The southside of Williamsburg also has some beautiful street art to see (maybe another day…)

Did anyone else smell that weird (ok, weirder than usual) burning asphalt smell this week? A culprit might have been identified. A new record shop just opened at 67 West.


We are calling all coffee lovers! Here’s how local spots are celebrating International Coffee Day. Ashbox Cafe serves the perfect crispy fried chicken, and now we have their secret for replicating it at home.

Eavesdrop and Upside Pizza are teaming up for a new bar. A Bed-Stuy pop-up finds a permanent home in Greenpoint. Davey’s Ice Cream is celebrating its 10th anniversary with free scoops, though they are postponing the celebration until next week.

A driver has been arrested in connection with a recent hit-and-run death in Williamsburg.

The long-awaited Refinery office space at Domino Sugar Factory made its grand debut this week. Exercise caution with our weekend guide, and double-check to see if your intended event is going on as usual.

In and around North Brooklyn

Curbed did a deep dive into the new Domino Sugar Factory building.

A helpful Twitter thread for those who live near the Meeker Avenue Plume and have experienced flooding.

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