All week long, New Yorkers have been dealing with the rainy weather. But we got a little more than we bargained for this morning, with that heavy rainfall leading to flooding all over the city, and Brooklyn in particular bearing the brunt of it. Below are some helpful (we hope!) updates:

  • Gothamist created a helpful list about how the flooding has impacted transit systems and infrastructure. As it relates to North Brooklyn, G train service is currently suspended, with limited L train service.
  • Several local businesses closed for the day or are offering limited services: Bar Americano, Bernie’s, Edy’s Grocer, Pierozek, the Screen Door, the Wonder Mart are closed (just to name a few), Leroy’s and Francie say they’re open tonight. 
  • Assemblymember Emily Gallagher also shared resources on social media, including information about relevant 311 links.
  • The local non-profit advocacy group North Brooklyn Neighbors shared additional information for Greenpoint residents, advising anyone who lives within the Meeker Avenue Plume Investigation Area to be alert if their basement floods (as there may be hazardous chemicals present in the floodwater).

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  1. When thus happened two years ago and water flooded people’s apartments it was due to leaves clogging the already overwhelmed sewers. I would think folks would see this coming and make sure it didn’t happen again. My neighbors had water pouring into their living room in their basement on Humboldt. It was awful, what a mess 🙁

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