Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

Happy 4th of July weekend! Kick off the celebration early with the latest iteration of our Open Air Fair, complete with a classic car show.

For All Things Good is hosting a Mexican wine festival in July. We rounded up some of our favorite spots to cool off with ice cream and got an inside look at pasta-making classes at Savino’s.

A good way to cool off? With a michelada.

Oh Boy. made a splashy debut last week, as did the new wine bar Lise and Vito. Tar Pit Coffee closes and rebrands as Larry’s Cà Phê. Sadly, the long-awaited Cutlets was never able to open in Williamsburg, despite having signage for well over a year.

Well, well, well, it’s about time they opened — Well Well Well coffee and gift shop, that is.

We reminisced about the good times at Bar Matchless, now a vacant lot. So let’s celebrate the places we still have open, like Saint Vitus, who is celebrating ten years in business with a new commemorative book.

Some big names came to our little corner of NYC this past week with the LadyLand music festival. Cleanup of the NuHart Superfund site is making progress.

In and around North Brooklyn

Williamsburg’s Bathhouse caused some controversy this week by announcing that their pools were heated by Bitcoin mining.

Fast-casual Chinese restaurant Milu now open.

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