The Williamsburg location of Cutlets at 126 Bedford Avenue is not happening for the time being. Bright red signage outside the corner lot has been up for a year, however, an eviction notice on the door was recently spotted, prompting locals to give up hope.

Cutlets, the small sandwich chain known for chicken cutlets, was introduced to North Brooklyn during the pandemic in February 2021 with a delivery and pickup hub at 158 N. 12th Street. Then, in January 2022, owner Richard Zaro told Greenpointers that a permanent Cutlets location would open in spring 2022 at 126 Bedford Avenue.

But after a year and a half of trying to get the storefront up and running, owner Richard Zaro decided to cut his losses. 

Zaro told Greenpointers, “Due to never being able to get gas turned on in the space and a landlord who was kind of unhelpful throughout the process, we couldn’t get the doors open.”

“Every day we wait, our rent due rises, and we couldn’t let it keep accumulating as the gas still isn’t on almost a year later,” Zaro continued. “So, we are looking at different options for the space and letting the legal process play out.”

The #4, a classic chicken parm sandwich from Cutlets. Photo: Cutlets

Cutlets currently has two locations in Manhattan, serving chicken cutlet sandwich creations like the the #1, a chicken cutlet topped with thick cut bacon, Vermont cheddar cheese, and a Russian dressing-like sauce, and the #4, a classic chicken parm with marinara sauce, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella cheese.

The small chain is the first solo project from Richard Zaro, whose great-grandfather started Zaro’s Family Bakery. Richard worked in the family business at Zaro’s for about six years, and then left shortly before the pandemic to venture out on his own and open Cutlets.

“Starting my own sandwich shop was something I always wanted to do and the pandemic wasn’t going to change that,” Zaro told us last year. “COVID did, however, change the way we opened Cutlets,” referring to the delivery and takeout-only model using a ghost kitchen. 

“But delivery was not how we wanted Cutlets to be represented,” said Zaro, explaining why he wanted to open the permanent location in Williamsburg.

Zaro told Greenpointers that he is “incredibly disappointed” that the North Brooklyn location of Cutlets is not opening right now. “We really love the Williamsburg/Greenpoint community and were looking forward to being a part of it,” said Zaro.

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