Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

I think we can all agree that January, in general, is sort of a blah month (even though we’re an Aquarius-heavy team at Greenpointers). While the winter weather always leaves something  to be desired, the opportunities afforded by living in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in one of the most vibrant cities more than makes up for it. Let’s get into it.

Keg and Lantern is going for world-domination (ok, maybe just borough domination) with a third location opening up later this month. Another new bar coming soon? H&H Reserve, from the team who brought you Temkin’s. Five years is a long time in NYC business years, so Williamsburg bar Crystal Lake is celebrating with a fun party tonight.

Whipped ricotta makes everything better, and Sereneco was kind enough to give us their recipe.

Freddy’s Food Market is no more, and the lot will likely turn into condos. Glad we could fix the housing crisis for approximately 10 people.


Nature’s Cove is going out of business. Luviann, a new children’s boutique, brings premium Polish brands to parents everywhere. Goodyoga has rebranded as Goodness and is offering wellness and spa packages. There was a lot of drama about rooftops at Brooklyn Community Board 1’s latest meeting.

Now it seems like everyone and their mother is a photographer, but learn about the old school way of doing things from William H. Zerbe (who passed 80 years ago).

If you live in North Brooklyn (heck, if you just live in New York City), you probably have some complaints about public transportation. Now, the MTA is extending an invitation to provide feedback on their proposed redesign of the Brooklyn bus network, so learn more about making your voice heard.

Consider donating to a neighbor in need through his GoFundMe campaign.

In and around North Brooklyn

The Williamsburg Hotel is officially bankrupt and will be sold to a London-based hospitality firm.

If you’re chronically online, you probably have been hearing a lot about gas stoves. Learn more about how fossil fuels are affecting the health and safety of our neighbors with this profile from Capital B News.

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