CB1 fans, we’re back! The year’s first public hearing and board meeting took place last night, and I watched (the first 2.5 out of I’m not sure just how many hours, to be honest) so you don’t have to.

This most recent meeting saw neighbors fired up about plenty of local issues. Lucky for us, as that makes for a much more entertaining watch.

  • First, representatives from the NYC Department of Transportation were on deck to present on upcoming repairs along the BQE corridor from Atlantic Avenue to Sands Street.  While this section of the BQE doesn’t really affect our neck of the woods too much, the DOT anticipates heavier traffic during some of these upcoming weekends, which could impact anyone driving in Brooklyn.
  • Next, NYC Fire Department (FDNY) and the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice, showed up to answer questions about Battery Storage System proposed for the residential building at 315 Berry Street. The board invited the FDNY after voting against the applicants’ proposal in April 2021, a storage system that they noted has never been installed on top of a residential building anywhere in NYC (or even the United States).
    • Several building residents expressed immense apprehension with the project. Many cited concerns with other catastrophic fires caused by similar storage systems and the potential for water to damage the roof.
  • For most applicants, last night’s new and renewed liquor license portion of the meeting largely proceeded as normal. Unless you were CODA Williamsburg (previously known as the McCarren Hotel).
    • Multiple neighbors noted the rooftop bar’s immense noise and stated that they had suffered from many sleepless nights and adverse health effects. Many noted that they spoke directly to hotel management on several occasions, and that complaints were not taken seriously (One neighbor mentioned that: “In one instance, the manager of the hotel asked us to wear headphones.”) The SLA committee sounded interested in drafting a letter to recommend that the bar’s license does not get renewed.
  • Grow NYC mentioned their Stop and Swap program, going to take place this weekend in Williamsburg, 12 -3 pm, at Cooper Park Community Center (76 Kingsland Ave).
  • A local from East Williamsburg mentioned a weekly trash cleanup they started near the Morgan Avenue L stop.
  • The Berry Playground is now in its design phase. Board members expressed interest in ADA-compliant equipment.
  • The Landmarks Committee discussed the Domino Refinery building and made a motion to approve the design of the marquee.

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  1. Appreciate the recap but CB1 is completely useless outside of approving liquor licenses. Everyone in the community who has tried to effectuate local change knows they are a farce. Half the board members are asleep during the video call.

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