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These days, a business making it for five years in the area can seem depressingly unheard of — and that anniversary landing on Friday the 13th feels especially like defying the odds. Which is why Crystal Lake (647 Grand St.) has even more reason to celebrate their fifth. And celebrate, they are. With a Carrie-prom-themed party, naturally.

“We have a bit of a horror theme in general,” co-owner Rebecca Kush explained. “Crystal Lake is an ode to Friday the 13th, so every Friday the 13th we have had an event honoring the day with drink specials and horror movies all night. This theme was a no-brainer for us, such a perfect way to celebrate, keep on-brand, and have a memorable celebration.”

The classically — and somewhat hauntingly — styled bar is the perfect backdrop for such a theme, which will feature the crowning of a prom king and queen, dancing, a disco ball, creepy cocktails crafted by Misguided Spirits and Jim Beam, and more all without a cover. Appropriate costumes are not required, but encouraged.

Bitchin Kitchen will also be celebrating their one-year anniversary in the space by slinging their signature elevated bar food (and charcuterie boards!) all night.

“Bitchin Kitchen joined us almost exactly a year ago today!” Kush recalled. “They had done a couple of pop ups with us and everyone was so impressed with the variety and quality of their food we asked them to join us. Now they operate our kitchen four to five days a week. They also cater, which is wonderful because we have a phenomenal back room and do a multitude of events.”


Kush, two other veteran bartenders, and a chef opened Crystal Lake five years ago, and it has since become a go-to spot for comedy shows, countless theme parties (including Golden Girls bingo), artist markets, screenings, and just a good old-fashioned night out.

“It feels surreal to be celebrating 5 years. It feels like only yesterday that we were signing our lease. Losing three productive years to covid only adds to the wonder of it all — how is it five years already?!” Kush said. “We couldn’t be any luckier having chosen the neighborhood that we did.  The locals, our regulars, and the businesses in and around us are the best in brooklyn. So kind and willing to help. There is support here on this street that I’ve never seen before. There is no strife, everyone just wants everyone else to succeed.  We know we’re all doing something different, and that there is room for everyone to be successful.”

Kush also shouted out the Grand Street Business Improvement District (Grand Street BID) for their efforts to amplify local spots and facilitate community organizing. It’s these showing of support, combined with the backing of the community and loyal patrons, that Kush believes can help them carry Crystal Lake through their next five years.

“In the next five years, I can only hope COVID shutdowns are a thing of the past, and that we are lucky enough to renew our lease and keep going past that next five,” she noted. “However, my biggest wish is to keep rocking out in the way we are now, and to keep having and promoting fun events for the local patrons and horror buffs alike! We are a group of three longtime bartenders with ties to the arts, so that’s something we have always felt strongly about supporting.”

The party starts tonight at 8 p.m. Follow Crystal Lake on Instagram (@crystal_lake_brooklyn) to learn more about their events (usually without a cover!) as them come up.

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