Last December, the MTA unveiled long-delayed plans for a major overhaul of Brooklyn’s bus network. “Transit officials say the plan will increase bus frequency on 24 of the 69 routes in Brooklyn, add five new overnight bus routes and increase connections to the Long Island Rail Road,” NY1 reports. “The plan proposes 69 local routes and 19 express routes, for a total of 88 routes, an increase from the 62 local and 9 express routes currently in operation.”

Part of expediting services means eliminating certain bus stops, but considering the average distance between stops currently hovers at around 800 feet, this will make for faster service.

Now, the MTA needs the public’s feedback to better hone in on the plan’s exact parameters. An online workshop last night kicked off a series that the MTA will conduct in communities across the city’s most populous borough. Below are screenshots from the presentation.

Apologies for the small text — you might have to zoom in closer for more details, BUT the MTA has an extensive website dedicated to the project, which you can check out here (it includes interactive maps, which is kind of fun!)

If you missed last night’s meeting, but still want to provide feedback, you can always attend a meeting for another Brooklyn district. Check out the upcoming dates and register here.


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  1. The big issue with the B62 going down McGuiness instead of Manhattan Ave. is that it would go faster. Anything would go faster than Manhattan Ave. because it is super packed with everything.

    The issue is that most seniors live west of McGuiness and use Manhattan Ave. not only for the bus but also shopping and doctors. If switched many using walkers would have to go way out of their way and some would have to cross the blvd. of death. McGuiness Blvd.

    1. I disagree! Mcguinness is packed during rush hour. I drive in the morning and anything is faster than McGuinness. Also a lot of middle school and high school kids rely on the b62 to commute to school and back home. Mcguinness is just NOT safe. Keep the b62 on Manhattan!!

  2. The b35 on church ave is always congested from 18st. To 98st. From double parked vehicles, busses can’t get through, moving slow, while the majority of people just sit in there vehicles and don’t move, also the b60 bus have to many local stops, and is slow as well

  3. In addition to the B62 moving west to McGuiness, the current B32 and B24 routes are being replaced by a new route (B53.) Instead off running north on Franklin and then across Green to McGuiness and over the Pulaski to Queens, the new route runs down Greenpoint Ave. This change removes much of the bus service from north of Greenpoint Ave and east of McGuiness (essentially only the B43 remains.) Instead of an easy connection to Jackson Ave 7, we’ll need to take the G, or slog over to McGuiness to the new B62 (which is also now limited, not local, so even fewer stops!) The area with reduced service also happens to be where they are adding 20k plus apartments (Greenpoint landing) …

  4. Thank you for your comment on B62 proposed changes Paul. The dangers, inconveniences and potentialhazards to seniors outweigh the gain of perhaps a few minutes in the most congested stretch of Manhattan Ave between Greenpoint Ave and McCarren Park. Not to mention the often desolate stops on McGuiness at off hours that invite criminal activity against waiting pasengers at all hours, as opposed to always active Manhattan Ave corridor that is much safer and near the 94th precinst. Please —Leave the current route of the B62 in Greenpoint as it is!

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