The Michelin Guide announced its list of starred restaurants last week, causing some commotion amid a shake-up in North Brooklyn. 

How did North Brooklyn restaurants fare in the updated 2022 New York Michelin Guide? Honestly, not too well. 

This year, the New York Michelin Guide awarded stars to 19 new restaurants, bringing the total of Michelin-starred restaurants in New York from 68 to 73, however, none of the newly-starred locations are in North Brooklyn.

The big news in the neighborhood is that two Williamsburg restaurants, located down the street from one another near the Williamsburg Bridge, have been removed from the one-star list. Peter Luger (178 Broadway), a Brooklyn institution known for steak, and Meadowsweet (149 Broadway), a local spot known for seasonal ingredients, have each lost their one Michelin star.

Peter Luger, one of the North Brooklyn restaurants that lost its Michelin star this year. Photo: Peter Luger’s Instagram

The removal of these two restaurants from the one-star list almost cuts North Brooklyn representation in half, leaving only three local spots with one star. Those three include Oxomoco (128 Greenpoint Ave.) in Greenpoint, and The Four Horsemen (295 Grand St.) and Francie (136 Broadway) in Williamsburg. 

Francie, one of three North Brooklyn restaurants with one Michelin star. Photo: Francie’s Instagram

Blanca (261 Moore St.) in East Williamsburg previously had two Michelin stars and but is no longer listed, as the restaurant had to close its doors. The two-star list now includes only one North Brooklyn restaurant, Aska (47 S 5th St.), which is a seasonal Scandinavian restaurant in South Williamsburg. The three-star lists includes only five restaurants in New York, none of which are in North Brooklyn. 

Bonnie’s, one of the North Brooklyn restaurants that was recently added to the Michelin Guide.

Aside from the starred lists, many North Brooklyn restaurants have gained a coveted spot of recognition in the Michelin Guide. As Greenpointers previously reported, Bonnie’s (398 Manhattan Ave.), Nura (46 Norman Ave.), and Wenwen (1025 Manhattan Ave.) all made it into the latest Michelin Guide this year.  

Shalom Japan, one of the North Brooklyn restaurant featured in the Michelin Guide. Photo: John Keon

Other local restaurants that have earned a spot in the Michelin Guide over the years include Williamsburg mainstays like Win Son (159 Graham Ave.) and Sunday in Brooklyn (348 Wythe Ave.), and restaurants that Greenpointers has recently written about like Shalom Japan (310 S 4th St.) and Ensenada (168 Borinquen Place). 

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