Fireside Glow at Black Rabbit (Images by Rosie de Belgeonne)

Just because it’s getting cold out, it doesn’t mean we have to lock ourselves in our apartments like hermits all winter, we just have to pick the right places to hang out. And we could certainly do worse than hitting up some local bars blessed with glorious open fireplaces to keep us cozy.  Here’s a few to choose from:

1. Spritzenhaus 33 (33 Nassau Avenue)

The Spritzenhaus fireplace is a little close to the entrance (bit drafty maybe?) but it has three sides for maximum ‘gather-round-ability’. Best enjoyed with a game of Jenga, a bratwurst in a bun and a nice flagon of ale.


2.Black Rabbit (91 Greenpoint Avenue)

Black Rabbit is one of Greenpoint’s best winter bars. Get cozy in one of their private snugs (complete with bell/lightbulb switch for service) or snuggle around the fireplace with a $9 cheese platter and a pint of Black Rabbit brew. Swing by on Tuesdays for Nerd Alert, their famous trivia quiz, where free shots and a $25 bar tab are up for grabs.

3. Dirck the Norseman (7 North 15th Street)

A roaring stove fire, an array of amazing beers brewed on site, and a hearty grub menu with something for everyone. Dirck has everything you need to warm your cockles this winter and is as good for large groups as it is for an intimate weeknight date at the bar.

4. Achilles Heel (180 West Street).

A Fernet Old Fashioned in front of the fire at Achilles Heel should help you feel your fingers again after petting the beseeching-eyed cat that’s usually lurking around outside. The intimate space means that  the bar warms up quickly and you’ll be so toasty after a few drinks that you probably won’t want to leave.

5. Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Avenue)

Nestled at the back of the bar, this stove is harder to gather round, but it pumps out enough warmth to permeate the whole space. Grab the table at the rear to enjoy your craft beer and you’ll definitely reap maximum benefits of those glowing embers.

6. Shayz Lounge (130 Franklin Street)

Okay, so Shayz doesn’t strictly have an open fire but it used to! It’s now been replaced by this moulded fake log affair, but even this possesses enough nostalgic charm to warm you while you take advantage of their late-running happy hour (daily ’til 9pm). And don’t forget to document your newly thawed-out face in the ‘Don’t Smile…Scream’ photo booth before you shoot a round of pool.

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  1. Love this! Preservation Greenpoint is doing a beer crawl this Friday, Dec. 5th that includes two of these (Dirck & Brouwerij). Hope fellow readers will join!

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