A sunny spot at Milk and Roses

After several false-starts to summer, it’s the arrival of gorgeous weeks like this that make it seem important to spend as much time as possible outdoors. A few among us are lucky enough to have an outdoor space of our own but fortunately, for those of us that don’t, Greenpoint has an abundance of cafes and bars offering some beautiful back yards in which to idle away some sunny hours.

Here are few of our current favorites:

(1110 Manhattan Avenue, Between Clay and Dupont)

Milk and Roses

The Milk and Roses garden is a wonderful, wild delight and a contender for one of the prettiest outdoor dining spots in Greenpoint. Enjoy a sun-dappled brunch of Acme Smoked Salmon, Soft-fried Eggs, Lardo, and Caper Yogurt as you laze amongst the beautiful wild flowers and over-hanging greenery. Or swing by at sunset for one of their delicious cheese boards and a glass of chilled rosé.

(596 Manhattan Avenue, between Driggs and Eckford)

Charlotte Patisserie

Beyond Charlotte Patisserie’s front counter of delicate pastries and iced fancies lies a sanctuary of calm,  hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan ave. The garden at Charlotte is a glorious discovery with an ivy-clad back wall, pretty parasols and plenty of well-spaced seating options. Aside from its superb baked goods, Charlotte is now serving brunch, lunch and dinner, with tasty treats such as Asparagus with Shell-poached Egg and Caviar or a classic Croque Monsieur.

(1011 Manhattan Avenue, between Green and Huron)


Troost boasts a beautiful secluded garden with just the right balance of sun and shade. Come early to linger over a delicious breakfast board, or while away a sunny afternoon with a quartino of wine or a glass (or three) of on-tap prosecco.

(278 Nassau Avenue, between Morgan and Hausman)

Greenpoint Heights

The back yard at Greenpoint Heights is huge with abundant seating and enough hanging baskets to make it feel verdant. A great spot to indulge in summer brunch, especially when the menu offers such alluring dishes as Brioche French Toast with Orange Cognac Butter, Champagne-soaked Berries and Real Maple Syrup. Their taco menu is none too shabby either!

(195 Nassau Avenue, between Humboldt and Russell)

Cafe Edna

Edna’s outdoor area isn’t huge, but it’s rarely busy and there’s almost always a lovely shady spot from which to let a breakfast burrito ease your hangover before you revitalize with one of their astonishingly good fresh juices. The ‘Standard’ of beets, apple, carrots, ginger, and lemon goes down a treat in the midday sun.

(1073 Manhattan Avenue, between Dupont and Eagle)

Lobster Joint

Come for the back yard, stay for the happy hour which includes mega deals such as $1 oysters, $4 lobster sliders and $6 cocktails. It’s not the greenest of gardens but the Lobster Joint yard has plenty of space and a plastic bubble over the top, meaning that if we get another flash-storm you and your fish dinner will stay safe and dry.

Missed your favorite Greenpoint garden off our list? Let us know what we’re missing out on!

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  1. Nice list! But as a neighbor to one bar with a garden…I beg of all, please keep it the heck down. It’s not a beach or a park. Your table is 6 feet from someone’s pillow, someone’s bathtub, someone’s baby crib, and they shouldn’t have to hear drunk talk, cheering, or woo-wooing their entire evening or day off. Kinda screws up home.

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