Multiple-Alarm Leonard Street Fire Results in No Serious Injuries

A fire was contained Thursday morning at 726 Leonard St.

The FDNY responded to a multiple-alarm fire at 726 Leonard St. on Wednesday morning at around 6 a.m.

FDNY on scene Thursday morning at 726 Leonard St. where the flames were retained.

A Greenpoint resident who lives directly behind the Leonard Street building says that it took FDNY approximately one hour to contain the flames. “I heard popping almost like fireworks and went into my kitchen to see it illuminated by the fire,” he said. “I called FDNY immediately and sent them the videos I have, I hope they help with the investigation.” Continue reading

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Van Dam Street Fire Contained Resulting in Two Firefighters Injured

67 Van Dam St. (via Google Maps)

Two FDNY firefighters were injured earlier this morning while battling a fire that took more than two hours to contain at a Greenpoint industrial building near Newtown Creek, the NY Daily News reports.

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Noble Street Manhole Explodes, No Injuries Reported

The manhole explosion on Noble Street on Monday.

A manhole cover exploded on Monday around 1 p.m. in front of the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint. A spokesman for FDNY said that a “smoking manhole cover” was reported around 1 p.m. today and that the investigation is complete as FDNY remains on scene.

A woman who was walking on Noble Street around 1 p.m. started to record a smoking manhole cover which seconds later exploded. No injuries were reported, but the video footage of the explosion is fairly terrifying.

Noble Street between Franklin and West streets was closed to traffic as of 2 p.m. today as FDNY was still on scene. No power outages in Greenpoint were reported today.

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Freeman Street Evacuated Over Gas Leak

A fire truck blocked traffic from entering Freeman Street from Franklin Street.

Evacuations from Freeman Street between Franklin and West Streets followed the report of a gas leak at approximately 2 p.m. on Tuesday, FDNY said.

The corner of Franklin and Freeman Streets where access is currently restricted.

A gas leak at 77 Freeman St. was initially reported and five buildings in total were evacuated: 74, 77, 79 81 and 89 Freeman St., NBC reports.

Crowds gathered on the sidewalk on Franklin Street across from where emergency responders investigate the source, which is suspected to be related to a gas service connection being installed at a residential building. Continue reading

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Collapsed Scaffolding on Wythe Avenue Crushes Parked Cars

Three cars were crushed by the partially collapsed wall and construction scaffolding on Wythe Avenue and N. 13 Street.

A partial wall and scaffolding collapse crushed three cars parked at the corner of Wythe Avenue and N. 13th Street in Williamsburg at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

The partial collapse was caused by a backhoe vehicle that backed into the wall at the demolition site, according to FDNY. No injuries were reported. Continue reading

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Anchor Mistaken for Sea Mine Discovered in Newtown Creek

Metropolitan Avenue Bridge over Newtown Creek (courtesy of Jim Henderson)

A homemade anchor that was first reported to be a sea mine was discovered in Newtown Creek on Friday afternoon causing street closures, NBCNY reports. Sea mines are bombs used to sink and destroy ships and submarines; to prevent injuries, surrounding streets including the Metropolitan Avenue Bridge were shut down during the two-hour investigation.

Sea mines (courtesy of Andre Kaur)

FDNY was notified of a possible explosive device in Newtown Creek near Grand Street on Friday around 1 p.m. and a bomb containment squad was dispatched to the scene, according to NBCNY. Continue reading

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Java Street Home Collapsed Yesterday

Damage at 113 Java St. Via NBC 4

Yesterday afternoon, a residential building in Greenpoint, at 113 Java Street, was evacuated as the facade of the building collapsed. Residents living on either side of the damaged building had to be evacuated, also. According to reports from NBC 4 and ABC 7, nobody was injured.

The collapse left the building’s front porch covered in bricks, and damaged a car in the driveway. Both the FDNY and the Department of Buildings were on the scene to assess the damage. The fire department suggested that vibrations from ongoing construction in Greenpoint could have been a factor in the collapse, and the Department of Buildings cited water damage in the masonry.

According the DOB, there is no immediate danger of further collapse.

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Sign up for FREE Smoke Alarms and Installation TONIGHT at Fire Safety Meeting

About 106 firefighters extinguished the Woops! Cafe fire last month. (Photo Credit Trevor Kapp)
Just over 100 firefighters extinguished the Woops! Cafe fire last month. (Photo Credit Trevor Kapp)

Join your neighbors and the Mayor’s Community Affairs tonight at St. Stan’s Academy on 12 Newell Street for an informative fire safety meeting, and sign up to get free smoke detectors/CO2 alarms and installation!

In the wake of a recent string of fires in Greenpoint, including one at Woops! Cafe and another at a home on Diamond Street,  fire safety should be a hot topic. After all, simple actions can prevent a devastating disaster.

According to statistics from the FDNY, “Seventy percent of fire deaths occur in homes with an inoperable smoke alarm or no smoke alarm present. The majority of the deaths are children and older adults.”

“Being aware of having working smoke detectors — checking your smoke detectors — is the number one thing people can do to save their life in a fire,” says FDNY Chaplain Ann Kansfield. “All of the other things pale in comparison.”

Other safety tips include obtaining substantial power adapters — and nixing those 99 cent store adapters. Be sure the equipment has the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Mark (see below). UL_Mark.svg

For further tips, check out FDNY’s Top Seven Fire Safety Rules, because simple safety awareness is the first step in disaster prevention. And sign up for those free smoke detectors (and free installation!) tonight at 6:30pm at 12 Newel Street.

Take it from Kansfield: “I love my neighbors in Greenpoint and really, really hope they will make sure to have a working smoke alarm.”

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The NYT’s ‘New Yorker of the Year Award’ Given to Greenpoint’s Own Rev. Ann Kansfield

Rev. Ann Kansfield with wife, Rev. Jennifer Aull, at the Greenpoint Reformed Church. Photo credit: Ian Spanier

Typically, when I walk down Manhattan Avenue, or through McCarren Park, or up Franklin, I’m thinking about myself — praying I look cool, contemplating the new bars, and eyeing the countless men who surround me. Things shifted, however, when I strolled these same streets with Reverend Ann Kansfield, the neighborhood’s beloved minister of Greenpoint Reformed Church, last week. For a few brief moments, I saw the streets through the eyes of a person who is sharply focused on the well-being of the inhabitants of Greenpoint. 

It’s been a big year for Reverend Kansfield. In 2015, she was elected the first female and openly gay chaplain for the FDNY, while winning the The New York Times’ inaugural “New Yorker of the Year” title amongst big-name candidates like Donald Trump and the “Broad City” duo Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. Ann has a disarming way of making you feel like you’re her best friend — a “profound extrovert,” as she describes herself. It’s a no-brainer that she’s making such an impact on the city and the neighborhood. Continue reading

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Four-Alarm Fire Burns Through Three Buildings on Diamond Street

Photo via FDNY on Twitter.
Photo via FDNY on Twitter.

Four people — including two firefighters — were injured last night in a four-alarm fire that engulfed three consecutive buildings on Diamond Street.

According to the Fire Department, the fire started around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday night at 49 Diamond Street and spread to two neighboring buildings at 47 and 51 Diamond, resulting in a massive blaze that required the efforts of 168 firefighters to extinguish.

It took the team about three hours to bring the fire under control, no thanks to bitterly cold temperatures that caused the spray from their hoses to freeze on the street.

Thankfully, no one was killed or seriously injured, but the residents of those buildings have taken up shelter in temporary housing provided by the Red Cross, and it’s likely that the buildings will have to be completely torn down.

The two firefighters who sustained injuries were taken to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, and the other two went to Bellevue.

The cause of the fire is still currently under investigation.

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