A four-alarm fire blazed through a building at 137 Kingsland Avenue this morning, multiple outlets are reporting, ultimately destroying it and damaging other buildings in the process. 

The fire started around 4 a.m. at a Williamsburg home, though the cause of the fire has yet to be determined. 

“Most of the injuries were minor, however the injured firefighters were taken to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center,” ABC 7 reports. “The Red Cross is assisting seven residents who are now homeless.”

While the fire had mostly abated by 7 a.m., firefighters told the outlet that the scale of fire means they would work through the day to make sure it was fully extinguished.

Here are four GoFundMe campaigns for families affected by the fire:


Cusumano family

Ortiz-Collado family

Nydegger family

Sherry Wasserman

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  1. Looks like fire in the second floor windows of 135 Kingland Ave. That’s where I spent the first 24 yrs of my life. Sad. It will be replaced by a concrete slab Soviet block high rise.

    1. Bob and Paul….my family were the Boniface’s and Carrano’s at 145. Heartbroken over what happened on Kingsland Avenue this week. Both of your families were very much in our thoughts as we saw this unbelievable tragedy. As you may know, my Kingsland Avenue memoir was published almost 20 years ago, “Nettie: Tales of a Brooklyn Nana.” I try to always honor the Kingsland Avenue childhood and the iconic people that made up our block. God bless you both this holiday season.

  2. My heritage went up in smoke/ Frank Munari
    Bob Gardine my cousin who I notified when I heard of this sorrowful and terrible tragedy.
    House built in 1850’s
    1915 Dominick Gardine my grandfather and wife Vinia 8 Children
    No one would rent to him so he had to buy a house.
    We sold it in 2001 to Damato across the street
    Prayers for all the tenants, so sad to have seen this happen, unbelievable

  3. Bob Gardine sorry to hear about the house. Hope all is well. Amazing how that neighborhood has changed. Mom passed away about 3 years ago. My younger sister, Marianne, still lives in one of the house on Herbert St. We are in the Hudson Valley for 35 years now. Not sure if you heard but we lost Joseph 6 years ago to amyloidosis. Hope to talk soon.

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