Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

I can’t lieā€”this month is wrapping up chaotically. The G train shutdown starts tonight, and a string of armed robberies appear to be targeting victims with expensive watches. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, despite the challenges of big-city living, we still have it good around here. Just look at this weekend’s lineup of events, whether you’re celebrating Pride Month or taking advantage of local restaurant collabs. 

Even beyond this weekend, we’re getting free concerts in Bushwick Inlet Park and more Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. A housing lottery that’s actually affordable has launched. This guy is paying $1 for rent for a studio space!

A new vintage store is taking over from where Well Well Well used to be on Nassau Avenue. The trendy Manhattan chain Ruby’s is coming to Williamsburg. The neighborhood just expanded its sushi scene with Mido Omakase.

Another election cycle wrapped up, and Assembly Member Emily Gallagher and State Senator Kristen Gonzalez will continue representing our neighborhood.

As always, we have a Community Cookbook recipe.

In and around North Brooklyn

How the McGuinness Boulevard redesign affected local elections.

A new food festival is coming to Williamsburg.

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