Another armed robbery took place in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area last night, the NYPD confirmed to Greenpointers.

A man in his late twenties and a woman in her early thirties left Twins Lounge (732 Manhattan Ave.) and headed to Ponyboy (632 Manhattan Ave.) around 11:29 p.m. when unknown perpetrators approached them on a black moped, one of whom displayed a firearm and demanded the man’s watch and the woman’s purse. The perpetrators fled on the moped, and the police were called to the scene. The investigation remains ongoing.

The incident echoes a similar incident that took place a week ago, where armed perpetrators stole valuables, including a watch, from a group of diners at Birds of a Feather (191 Grand St.)

“Actually, because I saw the story [about Birds of a Feather] on Greenpointers, as we were crossing the street and about to get on the sidewalk, as soon as I saw him on the sidewalk wearing the ski mask, I knew what was gonna happen,” one of the victims told Greenpointers.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, is a longtime resident of the area who has always felt extremely safe living here. She and her friend were part of a large group of friends headed from one bar to the next, though they were walking a few feet behind everyone.

“We weren’t the only people who called the police, people were around and saw it happen,” she said of the incident. Twins Lounge and Ponyboy are popular clubs near each other on Manhattan Avenue, and large groups can generally be seen milling around late into the night. 

The woman, a Venezuela native, says she recognized the perpetrators’ accents as Venezuelan when they exchanged words with each other. The NYPD could not confirm the perpetrators’ ethnicity. She also described the robber as small and skinny, similar to the description of the perpetrators in the Birds of a Feather incident, though the NYPD could not confirm that the same perpetrators have been responsible in all instances, including another similar robbery at Marlow and Sons (81 Broadway).

While the crime has put her on alert, she doesn’t feel overly panicked about the situation, but she urges people to think twice about brandishing their valuables in public. 

The incidents might have shaken up the neighborhood, but according to data from the 90th and 94th precincts, rates of violent crime have decreased since the early 1990s and remain low, although incidents of grand larceny have risen slightly in the past couple of decades. It’s also important to keep in mind that while much has been made about the recent increase in migrant arrivals in New York City, the New York Times reports that “police data indicate[s] that there has been no surge in crime since April 2022, when Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas started sending buses of migrants to New York to protest the federal government’s border policy.”

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  1. i love the last paragraph – i know you got robbed but its okay because crime is still super low – like that makes everything okay. sadly this is only going to get a lot worse before it gets better

  2. Crimes like murder, armed robbery, rape are mostly true stats but when it comes to thing like shop lifting, porch pirates harassment they are so common and not reported the stats could be off by a geometric magnitude.

  3. The 94th precinct wouldn’t even allow me to file a police report when a porch pirate robbed me because the items weren’t considered valuable enough. I wasn’t even expecting them to do anything I just wanted it for the insurance claim. And I’m supposed to trust the NYPD’s crime stats?

  4. “Rates of violent crime have decreased since the early 1990s”– Pretty low bar there!

  5. I’m curious if it’s the same people robbed me of my chain on 48th Ave in LIC MDW. No gun or ski mask in my case, but two dudes on a moped and they were young and skinny. One should have had a black eye for a minute. I elbowed him in the face a couple times before he got away with my shit. Thankfully renters insurance covers these kinds of things but fuck. Can we please admit we have a mental health crisis?

  6. I moved back to Greenpoint several years ago because my daughter looked up crime stats and found very little. I believe that stats aren’t being reported, period. I live in a “hot spot” (including near the creep who’s spent time in Rikers and still often roams the streets half naked, high and ranting) and there are fire trucks and police cars here *all the time.* re migrant groups who are responsible for crimes lately, every time I read an account where they’ve caught the perps, I see “Venezuelan.” Just an observation, but IMO bears thinking about …

    1. I think it’s a bit severe and misguided to claim that because you’re reading accounts mention Venezuelan that all Venezuelans should be be ear marked as the criminals. There is indeed a major wave of Venezuelan migrants but posing the statements that it “bears thinking about” should be redirected as being vigilant with any person outside that can be a potential criminal. I’ve been in multiple situations with aggressive and scary men of ALL backgrounds. This is NY, a city with an absurd gap between incomes, prices of rent skyrocketing and high population which is bound to cause higher crime from any source of background.

    2. “Just an observation, but IMO bears thinking about …”

      Yeah, since most crimes are committed by non-immigrants, I’d probably steer away from racist “observations”.

  7. I’ve been living in this neighborhood for four years.
    The last 3 to 6 months all of the sudden I’m seeing Venezuelan migrants everywhere. There are groups of men staring at you, hanging out on the sidewalk, nowhere to go nothing to do. Wake up everyone. No more voting democrat. We cannot accept open borders. Personally I’m moving out of this area because I see the decline day by day. I loved it here.

    1. Abbey, they already voted democrat. Both democratic socialist candidates won. That tells you that they will not open their eyes. You can’t fix stupid. Greenpoint will become Greenezuela. People who voted for this should not be complaining.

  8. Jeez, I’m conflicted. On the one hand, crime bad. On the other, these basic bitches suck. “This is terrible, we feel like because we’re rich and live in fake-luxury buildings, we shouldn’t have to deal with the typical inconveniences of living in a dense, diverse, tense city.”

    But we can all agree that this wouldn’t be nearly so easy if scooters and e-bikes and delivery services were more regulated. How brilliant to just blend into the massive crowd of scooters delivering crap to lazy New Yorkers after stealing from their friends.

  9. Isn’t it about time that the police department or Mayor aAdams stop comparing today’s crime stats with the crime rates in the crack epidemic 80’s and 90’s? Incompetence and/or laxity on the part of law enforcement knows no calendar boundaries. Instead of seeking scapegoats or excuses please just do the job. If Mopeds are the issue then crack down on them (AND motorcycles) that often make gGeenpoint seem like the Wild West. I see them ignoring traffic regulations (and worse) much more often than I ever see the police….

  10. It’s good to see that the wealthier New Yorkers and tourists are now being targeted by these types of criminals in their neighborhoods, dining and shopping areas. It’s been happening up here in the Belmont section of The Bronx for over a decade, and it’s only when the “Little Italy” tourist area, between Arthur and Cambreleng Avenues on East 187th Street is patrolled by cops during the major business hours that it’s safe to walk around here. Once the more affluent businesses close, and the visitors go away, they pull the police out of the neighborhood and the only time you’ll see them here after 10:30 – 11:00 PM is after a major, usually violent crime has been committed. Those of us who have lived here, and are working class are given no protection after hours, so it’s no surprise those in the city and Brooklyn are being targeted by that type of crime, by the types who are committing it as the Venezuelan woman quoted in this article says is happening as it does in her country. Lets see what the response of the mayor and city government is now. Most certainly those who are more monied, illustrated in this news report will get the protection they need, while all of the real New Yorkers, as usal, will not.

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