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3 Ways To Green Your Party (Just in Time for The Super Bowl!)


Did you know that parties and events generate the second largest amount of waste in the USA, just behind the construction industry? That’s a bummer. But, before you cancel your Super Bowl party on Sunday- we’d like to introduce you to Susty Party, a Greenpoint-based company that creates responsibly made, eco-friendly party tableware. The folks at Susty Party are committed to sustainability and put together these helpful tips on how to make your next party an eco-chic affair.

Now you can have your chips and dip them, too!

3 Ways To Green Your Party

1. Choose reusable tableware if possible, but when quantity/location/price make disposable goods your best bet, be sure to pick compostable products. Rather than adding to the landfill with styrofoam or plastic plates, cups, and bowls, choose alternatives that can return to the earth instead. Susty Party makes compostable party supplies that don’t sacrifice style.

Sporty Super Bowl Snack Ideas on Susty Party Blog

2. Even if you do your part and pick reusable or compostable products, make sure to provide a way for guests to label their cups. If it’s a small, classy affair, consider something as simple as colored washi tape around the stem of wine glasses. For larger parties with compostable products, provide markers for easy name-tagging. Less cup use = less resource use.

3. Clearly label your waste bins. Be sure to have containers for trash, recycling, and compost. To eliminate confusion for your guests, make signs that clearly inform which bins are for what! Download free signs here.

Greenpointers is proud to be serving beverages at our upcoming Valentine’s Market on Susty Party supplies, too!

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Drink With Beyonce & Super Bowl Junk Food Wine: Meg’s Guide

Meg at Dandelion Wine (153 Franklin St) put together a Super Bowl Wine Guide:

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the booziest, most gluttonous American holidays. And we know the first instinct may be to reach for an ice cold brew, but I highly recommend considering wine! It’s less filling, so you can drink more of it! And we’ve got something for every minute of the game. Dandelion Wine delivers from 5-9 pm, so you won’t have to miss a single touchdown!

If you’re indulging in pizza, wings, and nachos, you’ll need some wine with a bit of acidity to balance out all that cheese and fat. With spicier foods, my go-to red is the Buchegger Zweigelt, a fresh, peppery Austrian red with a screw cap for easy access. The liter bottle of dry and zesty Gruner Veltliner from Mayr, from Austria, is a no-brainer for a party white. For something a little different, I recommend a lightly sparkling Italian red like the fruity Gragnano (made popular by our friend Paulie Gee) or the drier, earthier Lini “Labrusca” Lambrusco.

Buchegger Zweigelt 2010, $15
Mayr Gruner Veltliner 2011, $14
Federiciane Monteleone Gragnano, $18
Lini Labrusca Rosso, $18

“What type of wine pairs with the greatest superstar in the universe?” That’s a question I’ve probably spent an excessive amount of time thinking about. And for me, a hesitant football fan from every city but the ones competing, she’s really what this Sunday is all about. Beyond being incredibly entertaining, half-time is a good time for you to cleanse your palate and take a dance break, and for that I suggest pink bubbles, like my good friend “Frankie Mo” (Francois Montand), a dry, pink, unserious sparkling blend of the serious grapes Grenache Noire and Cinsault from Gascogne in France, or the fuller-bodied, slightly fruitier staff favorite Le Colture Prosecco. Or, for the beer lover, try an all-natural, fruity, sour candied, and yeasty pink bubbly like the sparkling Monastrell from Spanish producer Vina Enebro.

Francois Montand Brut Rose, $13
Le Colture Prosecco Rose, $18
Vina Enebro Monastrell, $23

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Because The Super Bowl Is Cheesy…

Instead of filling your gut with nasty nacho cheese spread, why not pair some really good cheese with it’s beer best friend? Everybody wins.

Beth at Eastern District (1053 Manhattan Ave) has some great pairing suggestions:

• Lazy Lady Farm’s Trickle Down, a lightly aged goat’s milk cheese flavored with ginger and poppy seeds; with Southern Tier Eurotrash Pils, a crisp lager.

• Consider Bardwell Farm’s Rupert, a firm, tangy cow’s milk cheese; with Greenport’s hoppy Other Side IPA.

Fiscalini Vintage Cheddar, sharp and clean; with Ithaca’s aromatic Flower Power IPA.

Jasper Hill Farm’s soft, pungent Willoughby; with Brooklyn Brewery’s Blast! a well-balanced, not-bitter, double IPA.

Lady In Blue, also from Lazy Lady Farm, a creamy, spicy blue; with Captain Lawrence’s malty brown Winter Ale.

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Brooklyn Staycation #1

We live in the best borough in the world! Instead of spending money on a plane ticket, we decided to take a much needed staycation in Brooklyn. Hotel Williamsburg was generous to sponsor Greenpointers for a two night stay, while we toured the area.
We were tempted to lock ourselves in the hotel room and listen to records all weekend. The gigantic plush king size bed was a main attraction and we found ourselves making giant Xs and saying, “I miss you, where are you?” The window from the bedroom into the bathroom made urinating very interesting and the view of McCarren Park’s red tailed hawk pair was a score!
We had an intinerary, not a very ambitious one. The beauty of the staycation is you don’t have to fit it all in because there is always next weekend.

Friday night we took the East River Ferry over to Dumbo for a nostalgic ride on Jane’s Carousel. There isn’t a better view of Brooklyn than from the ferry and there isn’t a better spot for an old timey carousel than under the Brooklyn Bridge, which is housed in a modern glass building. And $2 per ride makes this a great budget attraction. Continue reading

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