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Skyline Drive-In NYC Comes Under Criticism After Opening to Fanfare

Skyline Drive-In during non-business hours (Image via Ben Weiss)

After opening to widespread acclaim from the media in mid-June, Skyline Drive-In NYC (1 Oak St.) has come under criticism for screening two movies that feature characters in yellow and black face.

The drive-in waterfront theater showed “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” which features a white actor playing a character who embodies Asian stereotypes, on June 25. And on July 1, it presented “Trading Places,” a film in which the main character wears black face.

Activists have released a petition demanding, among other requests, that the owner of Skyline Drive-In formally apologize for screening the two movies. It has more than 400 signatures.

“We submit that showing films with caricatures of POC as a form of entertainment is no longer acceptable in our society, as doing so perpetuates the harmful stereotypes against POC,” wrote the petition’s authors.

Sia Eliopoulos, a Prospect Heights resident and one of the campaign’s principal organizers, considered going to Skyline Drive-In when it opened. However, when she saw that it was screening “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” she was aghast. Continue reading

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Skyline Drive-in Ticket Sales Launch With Movies Scheduled Through July

Skyline Drive-in (1 Oak St.) is open on the Greenpoint waterfront. (Image via @kylemartino)

Skyline Drive-In NYC  (1 oak St.), Greenpoint’s new East River waterfront drive-in cinema has launched ticket sales for screenings of movies scheduled through July 2nd.

The drive-in held a test-run at the end of May and is now open to the public. Screenings through Sunday include “Footloose” (6/17), “Dreamgirls” (6/18), “Anchorman” (6/19), “Grease” (6/20) and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” (6/21).

Continue reading

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Greenpoint’s New Drive-In Cinema Includes Seating Area for Pedestrians

Skyline Drive-in is coming to Oak Street on the Greenpoint Waterfront.

With indoor movie theaters and even Broadway not reopening in New York for the foreseeable future, Greenpoint will have a drive-in cinema just in time for summer.

Skyline Drive-In NYC (1 oak St.) held a test-run on Tuesday night with the screening of the live-action version of “Aladdin.” Dozens of cars were spotted queuing along West Street at sunset to enter the large lot at the site of the former Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse. Continue reading

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