Summer is in full swing, and for the past couple of years, that meant movies with a waterfront view at Skyline Drive-In. 

It appears that Greenpoint has seen the last of this fun excursion.

Greenpointers readers noticed that despite the beautiful weather, Skyline seemed oddly quiet about reopening for the season. The website and general inquiry email address didn’t provide much guidance, telling fans that they were now open….for private events.

Now, the final nail in the coffin—the Skyline Instagram account has changed its name and is operating as an account for Area 53 Paintball (616 Scholes St.), a family entertainment complex in East Williamsburg. Curiously, Area 53 already has its own Instagram account (because it’s already been in operation for years), so it’s not exactly clear what this duplicate account is for.

An inside source told Greenpointers that exorbitant fines from the city have caused financial problems for the business. While no one has officially confirmed the closure, it doesn’t seem like the Skyline team plans to reopen as their previous incarnation. 


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  1. This is a welcome development. Both Williamsburg and Greenpoint are very popular with visitors, and we should encourage these visits to happen with public transport, not with private vehicles.
    It also seems very strange that a stretch of the waterfront in our extremely pedestrian neighborhood would be allocated to a drive-in theater. Surely, there are plenty of communities elsewhere in the state that are easily accessed by car and where the waterfront premium is not as hefty.

    1. You realize you could walk into the theater and lay out on the recliners they provided?

      Cars made up less than half of the viewers

  2. No great loss. I’ve lived here for decades and have never been, and also don’t own nor know any other locals who even own a car. It also seemed to cater to suburbanites who wanted to visit the city from the comfort of their private automobile. These archaic institutions are best left in the past.

    1. This place is a scourge on the community. These concerts are insane. Whoever granted these permits should be fired and banned from the neighborhood for life

  3. This is such a bummer. None of my friends or I have a car but we walked or biked in all the time. Feels like there could’ve been a way to preserve this without catering to the car crowd. Films bring the community together much more than paintball. Jesus christ.

  4. Disappointing for sure. Had a blast at the drive-in last summer. Nice way to spend a summer night. Walked in and sat on a lawn-chair. Between this and the Terminal Market move it’s just a total bummer. Also, I highly doubt the drive-in actually brought significant car traffic to the neighborhood like some have suggested. As mentioned, chairs were available for people who didn’t drive. While it will surely be missed by those who knew about it, I’m not sure the Skyline drive-in was alluring the masses to trek to Greenpoint on a weeknight, for in most cases a non-new release movie.

  5. I drive but definitely walked in and took a lawn chair. I had great plans to bring friends and attend again. I really hope they remain open as they were. I really don’t know why some are complaining about it being a drive in, seems like they never went. Cars exist, get over it, drive ins were nostalgic.

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