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Fall Into Fitness for the B.E.S.T. Bootcamp at [email protected] (Begins 11/8)

Turn Over a New Leaf with our Fall Into Fitness B.E.S.T. Bootcamp at [email protected]

With the change of seasons comes a renewed time to recommit ourselves to our fitness and wellness goals. Though fall is not the beginning of our calendar year, it’s still a new season. Besides, parents with school-aged kids think of this time as their new year. Continue reading

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B.E.S.T. Bootcamp at [email protected] Offers Holistic Fitness Program

Space left for the August 30th Group B.E.S.T. Bootcamp at [email protected]

Make the commitment to create a new empowered you.

What is the B.E.S.T. Program? An acronym for the desired state of individual wellness: Balance, Energy, Strength, Tranquility, The B.E.S.T. Program requires a 12-week commitment and is an all-inclusive holistic fitness, detox, and weight loss program. It is specifically designed to deal with past conditioning and emotional obstacles related to food, as well as educate participants on proper diet and exercise; everything from dietary health to mental health is covered. Continue reading

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Watermelon Soju, Craft Beer, Rooftop Yoga, Henna Tattoos, Painted Postcards, 50+ Vendors, & more!!! Summer Market (7/19)

Designed by Akane Ogura
July 19, 2015 (1-7PM) at Greenpoint Loft (67 West St, 5th Floor)// Poster Design by Akane Ogura

Summers in Greenpoint call for outdoor revelry and picnics so we’re bringing both to the upcoming Summer Market because did you know that Greenpoint Loft has an amazing rooftop space with views of the Manhattan Skyline and the East River? Plus, illustrator Libby VanderPloeg is hand drawing a Garden Variety Watermelon Patch for a picnic themed photobooth manned by Gustavo Ponce! Your handsome mugs will come alive like living art as they did in the last market.

RSVP for Sunday, July 19th from 1-7PM at the Greenpoint Loft (67 West St, 5th Fl).

There will be FREE Activities, Craft Beer and Refreshments, Local Shopping, and Music:

GreenpointLoft_Rooftop_View_275pxRooftop Yoga: Is there a better way to get your urban zen on? Visitors have enjoyed Greenpoint Loft’s outdoor section for its views but we thought we should take advantage of the weather by inviting Hosh Yoga to host a donation-based yoga class there.

Henna Tattoos: Ohm your way over to Miss V, who will get her demons out by doling out some Henna Tattoos. Continue reading

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5 Lame & Limiting Reasons That Keep You from Losing Weight (And how to work the shift out of it)

 A weight loss journey can be a difficult one, especially when you have YOU to deal with. Throughout life, a lot of us have been conditioned to develop a pretty poor relationship with food; along with many limiting beliefs about the power we have to change things. And just like any relationship that is like a turbulent rollercoaster, it typically ends up in a downward spiral. Here are some common reasons that could be worth looking at before you decide to get off your ride.

1. You have a fat phobia

Fats have been demonized for far too long and although they are making a break from the past, many people are still stuck on the notion that fats are evil. Fat free and fake alternative products are still being mass marketed and consumers just like you rack up your shelves and fridges with overly processed items that claim to be better for you; when in fact, these products are usually packed with added sugars and fillers that can end up only making you hungrier or craving more of the same foods. Continue reading

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Human at Ease Now Taking Applications for 12-Week Training Course


Ok, let’s be real. We all ate ourselves to pieces last week and with the holidays just around the corner, we’re not stopping. I like to binge eat as much as the next guy, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to remain physically active while doing so. It’s easier said than done, but our friend Dy from Human at Ease (ease is their middle last name) has a program that guides people through the intense process of getting fit, and as a result, it’s a lot less intimidating. Continue reading

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Got A Fitness Question? Ask a Trainer!

Dy Elise

Ever wonder what it takes to really get a six pack (and we don’t mean of PBR)?  Not sure why you still have a pot belly, even though you exercise? Want to know how to tone your arms without lifting a finger? Well, now you can have all your diet, wellness, and fitness questions answered right here on Greenpointers.

Fitness trainer, Dy Elise, owner of Greenpoint’s one of kind fitness & wellness center [email protected], Tim Haft, master of Beastanetics and Punk Rope, and Flannery Foster, co-founder of goodyoga, will now be taking your questions – from the right method of exercise for your body type to obstacles related to personal well-being.

Dy is a certified Personal Trainer (who trains Jen G), fitness competitor and Life & Nutritional Coach who has been in the fitness industry for nearly 15 years. She trademarked her own meditative approach to strength training called Introversion(R) Training. And there’s more (!)–she teaches and empowers people to become their own trainers and has been featured in several local media outlets including appearing as a guest host on NYC Media Brooklyn Savvy to talk about the benefits of life coaching.

Tim Haft

Tim Haft is the creator of Punk Rope, the most popular rope-jumping based fitness class in the United States, and Beastanetics, a high-intensity interval-training program. He is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and holds additional certifications as a USA Track & Field Level 1 coach and a Stability Ball Instructor. He has been offering group and individual fitness training since 1998. Tim’s fitness philosophy centers on functional movement, play, and community.

Flannery Foster

Flannery Foster found yoga as a healing solution after being “unhealthy and unhappy for a pretty long time.” She received a 500 Hour Teaching Certification from YogaWorks (later becoming the Teacher Training Program Advisor) and taught in Sri Lanka for 2 months before traveling through South East Asia to immerse herself in Buddhist, Hindu, and Ayuvedic practices. Throughout the years, she has returned to India to learn and teach. Flannery founded goodyoga with her partner, Raymond Gonzales, in 2009, and has taught at many other studios, including Pure Yoga, Soma, Greenhouse Yoga, and YogaWorks.

So ask away and our expert fitness guru/trainer/yogi will dole out their words of wellness wisdom!

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Intensati at [email protected] with Elina

© Daniel Cavazos

After several weeks of taking it easy physically—a tumble from my bike during the New York Century left me with a bruised tailbone—I sampled a fitness class at Human at Ease, a whole-body wellness studio that Jen raves about. Knowing little about Intensati except there’s a call-and-response aspect, I brought a water bottle and an open mind.

The instructor, Elina, welcomed me and quickly explained the concept: each move in the aerobic circuit is labeled a principle (like focus or desire), and there’s a mantra associated with each (“My desire is strong”). Imagine Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley set to dance music. She started the class with a “share,” something all Intensati classes begin with, about an aspect in her life that could use some improving and what she’s doing about it.  Continue reading

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WORK IT BK @ [email protected] 4/18

We’ve all been there, working away for hours, focused on only the task at hand – maybe staring at a computer screen as we write, maybe it’s hours bent over jewelry wire, or time spent standing in front of a canvas. And then we look up and realize it’s 4PM and all we’ve eaten all day was that bagel with our morning coffee. That we’ve been in the same position for hours.

Friends, this is no way for a creative entrepreneur to live!

Whether you freelance, working from home or coffee shops for multiple clients, or are starting your own business, like so many of the members of Work It Brooklyn, you’re spending a lot of time focused on the business you’re trying to grow. But how much time are you spending focused on yourself?

Our next event, April 18th from 7 to 9PM and graciously hosted by our friends at Human At Ease in Greenpoint, Brooklyn,  is centered on how to stay healthy and well while you are focused on growing your business, and the best way to make all the parts of your life balance while you are doing this.

We’ll have a discussion, led by our own Aja Marsh, of North Brooklyn Runners, and with panelists includingDishan Elise, a certified personal trainer and the founder/owner of Human At Ease, and Kim Ann Curtin, a life coach who is founder and CEO of The Wall Street Coach.

Whether you’re working on starting your own business, freelancing from the cramped confines of your studio apartment, or a member of our community with a focus on food, health and wellness, this event will provide answers to achieving a better, healthier, life balance.

Don’t worry – we’ll also have our signature speed-networking!

About our Host: Human at Ease is a fitness and wellness studio whose goal and desire in strengthening the “whole” person is to facilitate an overall sense of well-being & fulfillment, and to improve overall quality of life using one or more of our various offerings. Their objective is for the community to recognize [email protected]’s name for what it is- a haven for strength & serenity. A place where we can all learn to “Love Ourselves”.  At [email protected] we all share in a common vision of positive human change.

Buy Tickets Here

Sponsored post courtesy of Work It Brooklyn.

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GROUPON DEAL: [email protected]

I ran into Liz, a fellow Greenpointer yesterday while working out at [email protected] She said, “you’re the reason why I came here!” That makes me feel all sweet and mushy inside. You know how I feel about [email protected]. The place rocks, my workout routine rocks, and I feel great working out for only one half hour per week. Plus I am able to give my boyfriend a piggyback ride, now! [email protected] has a sweet deal going on now. Like one in which you can save over $100!
Choose from Three Options:
$25 for two 30-minute personal-training sessions (a $130 value)
$45 for four 30-minute personal-training sessions (a $260 value)
$65 for six 30-minute personal-training sessions (a $390 value)

Personal trainers acquaint guests with strength-training machines and guide muscles through fluid conditioning exercises during 30-minute sessions.

Click here to get in on this sweet deal!

[email protected]
31 Nassau Ave.

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I can do it! After 12 weeks of training for only a half an hour per week with Dishan, the fitness training guru at [email protected], I can do, not only one, but two unassisted chin-ups! That is hanging from a dead weight and pulling myself all the way up.

That and a slew of other improvements in my physical composition and life in general.

You asked for them: the dreaded before and afters photos. As I explained in my original article, we weren’t aiming for anything dramatic in my appearance, but I do look pretty buff if I do say so myself! And I feel great, too. I have more energy, I feel stronger, I get great sleep and after a workout I feel like I can do anything.

The “I can do anything” feeling combined with my general stubbornness made me foolishly lift an 80lb bag of ice up two flights of stairs and I was pretty hurting for a few days in my lower back area, but I survived. I can also squat my boyfriend with no pain and only gain and now carrying my bicycle up to my third floor apartment is a piece of cake.

Aside from chin-up ability and looking like a super hero, the goals were that I maintain my body weight and maintain my body fat but gain lean body mass. So build muscles basically!



The results:

My weight stayed the same: 120lbs

I went from 17.4% to 16% body fat.

My lean body mass went from 99lb of my weight to 101lbs. Meaning more of my weight is lean weight. Meaning my metabolism is faster. (In my mind that means I can eat more!)

The change in my measurements is interesting, too and have made me more proportional.

AFTER: Week 12

I gained 1/4 inch around my neck, 1/2 inch around my biceps, and 1/2 inch around my chest.
I lost a 1/4 inch around my thighs and 1/2 inch from my hips!

I can now fit into some of those jeans I was hoping to one day fit into again (with a little less agony.) And a funny thing happened when I brought a few dresses into the tailor to get the tops taken in: they fit!

When I started I could do 1 push-up and 10 negatives. (a negative is starting at the top and lowering down). Now I can 13 push-ups. These are not your regular push-ups. Try doing them super slow, not using momentum and lowering down almost to the floor. It sucks and Dishan puts a little pillow you can stuff you face into (or as I like to do, take a nap on.)

With the chin-ups I could do 1 assisted and 6 negatives. Now I can do 3 unassisted, 2 assisted and 6 negatives. They are so hard! But you feel so good afterwards.

Honestly, aside from this workout I have done nothing else. I am usually a jogger, but haven’t been doing that and my diet has not changed at all. I eat pretty healthy but growing up in a Sicilian home, I devour bread and pasta and have a hard time turning down sweets. So, nothing has changed except this 1/2 hour of an intense butt kicking workout.

It has really helped me in other ways as well. I have more energy so I can do more. Being able to get through a work-out and get better inspires me to improve in other areas of my life, like to be more organized and take on challenges that seem impossible. When I started a chin-up was impossible and now it is a reality. These little accomplishments in life are big values that improve self-esteem, motivation and help me believe in myself. It isn’t just a workout.

[email protected]
31 Nassau Ave

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